Android’s Newest Commercial Is Full Of Adorable Interspecies Friendships

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Can Android's 'Friends Furever' campaign appeal to your delicate sensibilities to make you finally ditch your iPhone?


The Ice Bucket Challenge Has Inspired This Adorable Imitation To Help Animals


The best part about this ALS Ice Bucket Challenge imitation is that you don't have to dump freezing water on yourself to participate.

super best friends forever

Let This Fluffy Bunny and Cute Cat Show You What Real Friendship Looks Like

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The two adorable animals were seen strolling together on a lovely afternoon.

planet of the apes

Two Real Chimps Turned A Movie Screening Into ‘D’Awww Of The Planet Of The Apes’

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Did you see 'Dawn of the Planet of the Apes' this weekend? Did you see it with real apes? Didn't think so!


A Baby Dolphin Being Rescued Off The Coast Of Florida Is The Most Non-Florida Story Ever

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A baby dolphin was rescued on a beach in Florida. Yeah, that Florida.

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Meet Milkshake, The Cow Who Thinks She’s A Dog That Will Have You Vowing Never To Eat Beef Again

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Milkshake, the cow who thinks she's a dog, is hands down the cutest cow we've ever seen.


This Dog Befriending A Disabled Kitten Might Be The Most Heartwarming Thing You’ll See Today

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A kitten named Ralphee that suffers from a neurological disorder has found a special friend in an Australian cattle dog named Max.


You’ll Never Believe Who Instagram’s Fastest Rising Star Is… Spoiler: It’s A Pig

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Started as a fun project between teen siblings, the Instagram account of a pig named Penny is becoming a huge favorite.


Stop What You’re Doing And Watch This Two-Legged Dog Run Around On A Beach

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This two-legged Boxer gets to run around on the beach for the first time. Set heart to warmed.


Two Ridiculously Adorable Polar Bear Cubs Made Their Debut At A Zoo In Germany


Hey everybody, come look at the adorable twin polar bear cubs that were introduced at the Hellabrun Zoo in Munich, Germany today!


There’s A Dog In Brazil That Travels Two Miles To Pick Up Food For Its Animal Friends Every Day

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The other day, I grabbed lunch from one of my favorite elegant restaurants, but as usual I ordered way too much.


Happy Friday: Here's A Delightful Collection Of Animals On Swings

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Earlier this morning, I received my 1 billionth chain email from friends urging me to check out the Invisible Children video and to send it out to everyone I know, and the vein in my forehead started throbbing just a little harder than usual.


Can People Stop Texting and Driving?


Last year, AT&T kicked off its "Txtng & Drivng.

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