Here’s Everything You Need To Know About George Clooney’s Pissypants Feud With Steve Wynn

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George Clooney and Steve Wynn got into an alcohol-fueled argument during a group dinner. Oh ladies, you're *both* pretty.


Bill O’Reilly Is Skeptical That A Pinko Commie Like Colbert Can Succeed As Letterman’s Successor

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Bill O'Reilly doesn't think Stephen Colbert will succeed as "Late Show" host because conservatives won't tune in to his show.


What Happens When There Are Two Cats And One Heating Pad Won’t Surprise You

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In a bid to keep the cats warm during the cold weather, an owner put a heating pad under the cats' house, sparking an adorably clever feline battle.


Rebecca Grant Vs. Erin Andrews: The Worst And Sexiest Feud Of All Time

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Rebecca Grant's Wikipedia disambiguation refers to her as "Sports Reporter, Maxim / FHM Model".


Detroit Zoo Creates NFL’s Most Adorable Feud

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For the first time since before any of Matt Stafford's favorite sorority girls were even born, the Detroit Lions are 4-0, and for the first time in 10 years, the Lions are hosting a Monday Night Football game.

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