These Giggling Young Kids Have No Idea What To Make Of Two Humping Raccoons

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Raccoons perform the Heimlich Maneuver slightly different than humans do. Also they're not choking.

Jordan Leopold

Check Out The Adorable Letter A Hockey Player’s 11-Year-Old Daughter Sent To The Minnesota Wild

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The NHL's trade deadline has come and gone; some teams improved with hopes to make a Stanley Cup run while others planned for the future by trading away veterans for prospects.

#Oscars 2015

All Of This Year’s Oscar Nominees For Best Picture Reenacted By Adorable Children

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Cinefix rallied up some kids to re-enact this year's Best Picture Oscar nominees and the results were hilarious and adorable -- and informative.


This Kid Is Not In The Mood For His Little Brother’s Crap Today


When this kid starts having a toddler meltdown, his big brother calls it like he sees it.


Little Girl Adorably Tells Santa ‘F*ck You’ Because Christmas Is Wonderful

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'Tis the season for learning new things, like how to tell the big man in the chimney how you really feel.


Watch This Little Girl School Her Father In A Daddy Daughter Hip Hop Dance Battle

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This girl has some pretty slick dance moves, but then again so does her father. Who wins?


Watch This Little Boy Repeatedly Get Shot Down Trying To Kiss A Little Girl

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This kid has probably got an entire lifetime of rejection by women ahead of him.


Breaking D’awwws: WWE’s Brad Maddox Is Reporting The News With An Adorable Moppet

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You wouldn't expect a Brad Maddox story to have to come with a cuteness warning, but here we are.


The World’s Most Adorably Angry Child Chewed Out Her Mom For Laughing As She Sang ‘Let It Go’

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Mom laughs during kid's "Frozen" performance and gets absolutely scolded in response.

#2014 FIFA World Cup

232 Kids With Cancer Chanting ‘I Believe We Will Win’ Are Here To Fire Everyone Up


The best 'I Believe' chant video from this World Cup comes to us from Camp Sunshine, where 232 kids with cancer are cheering for the US.


Because It’s Friday, Here’s An Adorable Young Girl Singing With A Rottweiler

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Could this young girl and her big rottweiler friend be the newest musical duo to take the Internet by storm? Yes, please.

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The Story About The Young Girl Being Kicked Out Of KFC May Have Been A Hoax

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KFC has turned to a third-party investigator to determine whether or not the 3-year old dog attack victim was in one of its restaurants.


Watch This 6-Year Old Hero Explain How He Stopped His Neighbor From Being Abducted

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A Chicago boy earned hero status last week, when he stopped a man from kidnapping his 10-year old neighbor.


Pittsburgh’s ‘Buckle Up, Baby’ Kid Is The Super Fan That The NHL Playoffs Need

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The Pittsburgh Penguins have adopted 'Buckle Up, Baby!' as a battle cry thanks to this ridiculously adorable toddler named Ty.

NCAA Tournament

This Baby Watching The NCAA Tournament Is Absolutely Adorable

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This 1-year old boy named Wesley is really enjoying his first NCAA Tournament, and you'll definitely enjoy watching him.


Young Philip Martelli Stole The Show At The NCAA Tournament As Expected


While his grandfather's team, the St. Joe's Hawks, were eliminated from the NCAA Tournament, 4-year old Philip Martelli still became a star on national TV.


We Should All Be Pulling For St. Joseph's So We Get More Of Phil Martelli's Grandson

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St. Joseph's Coach Phil Martelli has a 4-year old grandson who is stealing the show at Hawks games by imitating his grandfather in the crowd.


Today In Totally Adorable: Kids Reenacting The 2014 Best Picture Oscar Nominees

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Cinefix and Mom.me have teamed up to recreate scenes from the Best Picture nominees with children, and the result is adorably awesome.


Queen Latifah Helped Richard Sherman Surprise Two Of His Biggest Fans

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A young fan of Richard Sherman got the surprise of his life when Queen Latifah helped him meet the Seahawks star on her show this week.

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