Watch What Happens When An Awesome Family Comes Together For A ‘Pride and Prejudice’ Marriage Proposal


Check out this photo set of a woman's entire family coming together to surprise her with a 'Pride and Prejudice' themed marriage proposal.


Happy Dinovember: Cool Parents Convince Kids Their Toys Come To Life At Night

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Every November (AKA Dinovember), the Tumas pose their kids' plastic dinosaurs to convince their kids the toys come to life while they sleep.


Let This Little Girl Walking On Ice For The First Time Thaw Your Cold, Dead Heart


If "cute" could be made in a laboratory, it would look like this video.


Let’s Take A Moment To Enjoy This, The Greatest Of All Stan Lee Photographs

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Vince Cracchiolo covered last weekend's Motor City Comic Con, during which he took the best photo of Stan Lee that has ever been taken.

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Adorably Hilarious Grandpa Plays Video Games

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This guy's 84-year-old Grandpa plays video games and has a priceless reaction to his first time playing 'Black Ops 2' and 'Halo 4'.


Finally, Some Good News: Make-A-Wish Kid Captures Supervillain Rex Velvet

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12-year-old Colby, AKA Special Agent C, celebrates his odds-beating birthday with a Make-A-Wish superhero mission to capture Rex Velvet.


Adorable 7-Year-Old Gets To Be Batman For A Day


Kye is a 7-year-old boy from Arlington, Texas, who has a dream of starring in a Batman movie as -- who else.


Kristen Bell Is Adorable

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This is a clip of "House of Lies" and "Veronica Mars" star Kristen Bell on "Ellen" talking about the time she was so overwhelmed with joy upon meeting a sloth that she freaked the freak out and had a panic attack.

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