Hug It Out, Bitch! 15 Facts You Probably Don’t Know About The Cast Of ‘Entourage’


'Entourage' is a very popular show. The cast is not. Here's a few facts you probably don't know about them.


An Interview With The ‘Entourage’ Theme Song


Here's an interview with the theme song from "Entourage."


The Honest Trailer For ‘Entourage’ Is All Bros, Butts, And Boobs


The Honest Trailer for Entourage is here, and it is every bit as boozy, bro-y, and obnoxiously misogynistic as expected.

the entourage movie

Kevin Dillon Is Already Talking About The Inevitable ‘Entourage’ Sequel


Is an 'Entourage' movie sequel going to happen? Kevin Dillon thinks it could.


Hot Rumor: Adrian Grenier Is Always Messing Up Gary Oldman’s Hedges


You may have gleaned from Gary Oldman's infamous Playboy interview that he's a private person, and now we have a special tidbit to illustrate.


Kevin Connolly Says The ‘Entourage’ Movie Is On, BRO


Last Wednesday, a TMZ journalist caught up with Transformers 4 star and former rapper Mark Wahlberg to ask him the question that was on everyone’s minds two years ago – “What’s up with the Entourage movie?” Wahlberg, of course, was the show’s executive producer because it was basically the story of his life, how he rose to inexplicable fame with very limited acting talent and carried his worthless friends on his shoulders for years, I presume.


Once Upon A Time, Eminem Overdosed And Almost Died


"I don't know at what point exactly it started to be a problem.


Sack up, Bros! WB just greenlit an Entourage movie!


Bros, I feel like I've been dreaming about this day ever since Andrea Fingerblast ski-poled Flapjacks and me after the Chi O slave auction in the back of Steve L's mom's beamer on the way to pledge retreat, and now it's finally here: Entourage is getting a movie.


How to Make Money Selling Drugs (Trailer)

A daring new documentary featuring interviews with drug kingpins, prison employees, celebrities, and lobbyists.


Impeach the President


Unlike some of my colleagues, I would rather set myself ablaze and wade into pool of gasoline than engage in a political discussion on the Internet.


Hell Hath No Fury Like An Insult Comic Dog Scorned

As you may have heard, Dog News Daily (yes, this really exists) recently announced the nominees for it's "Golden Collar Award" -- think of it as the Golden Globe awards for dogs in movies and TV shows.


‘Entourage’ Season 8 Trailer, Bro


I spend a disproportionate amount of time making fun of "Entourage" and expressing wonder at how anyone can root for the tiny, selfish men the show revolves around, but I will credit the show for this: after seven years of Vincent Chase's life being a non-stop parade of almost-bummers that turn out TOTALLY AWESOME, last year's season finale ended with Vince addicted to cocaine and actually going to jail.


Ha, good one, Adrian Grenier


I admit, I have a tough time separating Adrian Grenier from the personality-free husk of a douchebag he plays on Entourage, which is probably partially his fault, but still a little unfair.


Adrian Grenier to Suck on Different Show Next Fall


Get out your wanking motions, everybody: "Entourage" "star" Adrian Grenier will appear on an episode of "90210" next season with his band The Honey Brothers.


Oh Look, New ‘Entourage’ Promos


There's a new trailer for "Entourage" below, and it shows basically all the same crap as the star.


HA HA HA: Adrian Grenier, Action Star


The seventh season of "Entourage" debuts later this month, and there's a new trailer that's even more laughably ridiculous than what I've come to expect.

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