This Week In Netflix And Streaming: ‘Stardust’, ‘Silver Linings Playbook’, ‘Godzilla’ & ‘About A Boy’

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Laremy waxes nostalgic about Stardust and About A Boy in This Week In Netflix and Streaming: September 18th, 2014.

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‘Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ Casts A Mockingbird

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We finally know who Mockingbird is, and the sticks go to...


Red Dawn Review: The Tipping Point for Lazy Remakes

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There was a time, about eighteen months ago, when you couldn't swing a cat without running into someone name-checking Malcolm Gladwell's "Tipping Point" theory (believe me, I tried, the cat was not pleased).

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Trailer for GI Joe: Retaliation – RIP, Sgt C-Tates

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GI Joe 2, aka GI Joe: Retaliation (sidenote: couldn't every action movie be subtitled "retaliation.


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Played With Himself At The International Toy Fair

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The 109th American International Toy Fair took place this past weekend in New York City, and among the offerings were new action figures related to the upcoming films G.

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Three Clips From Failed “Wonder Woman” Pilot Make Everything Clear

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We already broke down the Wonder Woman TV show's terrible.

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Wonder Woman Will Have at Least Three Costumes

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Last month, men who rely on comic books to masturbate got upset when Adrianne Palicki debuted a new Wonder Woman costume that had blue boots and shiny blue pants instead of the red boots and star-spangled booty shorts of their Lynda Carter fantasies.

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The Dreaded Hover Hand, Wonder Woman Edition (Plus A SFW Nip Slip)

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Matt already posted ten pictures of Adrianne Palicki running in the new Wonder Woman suit, but we never get sick of watching Wonder Woman run so we're posting more pictures as well as a video and some pics of Palicki in the Diana Themyscera alter ego.

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Spoiler Alert: Wonder Woman Can Run

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Here are the first pictures of Adrianne Palicki working on the set of the new "Wonder Woman" series, and SPOILER ALERT: Wonder Woman is going to be running.


3.22 The Cooler

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Khalia Mike Tyson May Face Jail Time For Paparrazi Assault [Vibe] Raekwon Calls Justin Bieber A Lesbian [Uproxx] Rachel Uchitel Becomes a Private Eye [Daily Beast] Athlete Tattoed Trivia Challenge: Answers And Winners [With Leather] First Look At Adrianne Palicki In Thw Wonder Woman Costume [...].

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Wonder Woman to Battle Liz Hurley

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People with taste have been saying that David E.

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Hell Yes Adrianne Palicki as the New Wonder Woman

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Ever since NBC ordered a pilot for a remake of "Wonder Woman," Hollywood has been abuzz with the question: "Will Warming Glow find the new Wonder Woman sufficiently hot.

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Here’s The New Wonder Woman

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Both (borderline NSFW pics at link).



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The Red Dawn remake (the Russians invade high school.

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