Domino’s Pizza Is Getting BDSM Kinky In This Ad For Their New Sriracha Pizza (UPDATE)

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Domino's new Sriracha pizza features a tongue in bondage gear ... but that's not what we think it looks like.


Here Are The 5 Best Ads To Watch Before The World Cup Starts

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Three billion people watched at least one minute of the 2010 World Cup. Companies are fighting for the audience's attention once again with this year's Cup.

#X Men: Days of Future Past

The ‘X-Men: Days Of Future Past’ Marketing Campaign Just Got Weird

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Hardee's and Carl's Jr. are one of many with a tie-in to 'X-Men: Days Of Future Past." Here's the disturbing ad they made to celebrate!


Bo Really Knew Everything

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As much as I was inspired by Bo Jackson's on-the-field exploits, I have to also give credit to Nike's ability to enlarge the admiration with the "Bo Knows" ad campaign, both the commercials and print pieces like the one seen above.


10 Awesomely Bad Video Game Rap Commercials From The ’90s

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An overlooked fact of life is that video games and rap music are like twins*.


QoTD: Which Was Your Favorite Super Bowl Commercial?

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By now, actual talk about Sunday's big game is over and we've all shifted to conversations about which Super Bowl ad generated the greatest response.


Today’s Time-Waster: Kate Upton’s New Super Bowl Commercial

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Kate Upton's Mercedes-Benz commercial Super Bowl something something something.


A Look Back: Another Round Of Vintage Nike Print Ads

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What do we do on a weekend when there were (finally) no major sneaker releases.


Another Massive Round Of Vintage Nike Print Ads

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Sunday morning's were once reserved for newspaper reading over a cup of coffee.


James Harden, Russell Westbrook & “The Melo’s” Star In Foot Locker’s #Approved Ad Campaign

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With no on court action to worry about, NBA players have time to do extracurricular activities, like appear in offbeat commercials.

Wieden + Kennedy

Even More Vintage Nike Ads

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No wealth of words here because there's no need.


Memory Lane: Vintage Nike Ads

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Now that I’m older and able to put it all in perspective, my indoctrination into the shoe game occurred early in life.


Red House Furniture Can’t Spell Prejudice

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As the longevity of viral video continually keeps local retailers advertising for free, more and more small business owners are beginning to stoop to laughable levels of oddity in order to sell their stores.


Around The World In 5 Commercials

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Courtesy of those crazy Frenchies at Evian American advertising agencies be slacking, yo.


“When They Show That New PETA, Watch The Jerk Boys Go Crazzzyyy!”

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I wonder if Eva Mendes knows that across the globe, teenage boys massacred countless kittens as a result of this PETA ad.


“Patrick Chewing”

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Words By Jason Hortillas For my Knicks fans, at least you have something you can laugh about.


Common x Bill Gates = Cha-Ching!

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This past week, part of my weekly watch of all things rap has been occupied by varying opinions on Common's recent partnership with Microsoft.

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