Mark Zuckerberg Criticizes Those Smug Apple Hipsters Who Pay Too Much For Products

By | 17 Comments

Facebook's CEO criticized Apple for ridiculing free online services in the best way possible: by attacking Apple's customers.


Burger King Is Bringing Back The Yumbo With Some Groovy ’70s Advertising

By | 10 Comments

Forty years later, Burger King is bringing back a hot ham and cheese sandwich, because better late than never?


Movie Theaters Will Introduce Seat Sensors So Viewers Can Interact with On-Screen Ads. HOORAY.

By | 13 Comments

Developers have created technology that will allow viewers to interact with ads/lose their souls on screen.

#Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Shill Cheesy Bites Pizza In New Pizza Hut Tie-In Ad

By | 34 Comments

The 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' star in this new Pizza Hut ad because why wouldn't they? It's already a 90-minute cross-branding opportunity.


Aaron Paul’s Xbox One Commercial Is Accidentally Turning On People’s Consoles

By | 31 Comments

Aaron Paul is showing off Kinect voice commands in an Xbox One commercial. Surely this will end well.


So These SFW PornHub Ad Campaign Finalists Are Pretty Great

By | 4 Comments

The internet really can't have enough one-eyed monster jokes.

#Mad Men

‘Mad Men’ Just Launched A Vintage ‘For Your Consideration’ Emmy Campaign That Would Make Don Draper Proud

By | 18 Comments

AMC has just rolled out a collection vintage ads featuring the stars of the show. Don Draper approves.


Spider-Man 2 Has A Post-Credits X-Men Scene. Fox And Sony Are Crossing Streams!

By | 41 Comments

Could a post-credits scene for X-Men during Spider-Man 2 usher in a new era of cross-studio collaboration?


Quicksilver Continues To Look Ridicuous In A Carl’s Jr. Commercial

By | 8 Comments

The previous Carl's Jr. ad featuring the X-Men was a gift to those with weird fetishes. This one featuring Quicksilver is a gift to... we're not sure whom.


Here's The Dancing Spider-Man Baby Because The World Needs More Dancing Babies

By | 3 Comments

Evian continues the startling trend of babies in advertising by bringing us the Spider-Man Baby. And it dances.

public transportation

This Amazing Pepsi Max Commercial Turns A Normal Bus Stop Into A Wild Slice Of Fantasy

By | 8 Comments

Pepsi Max sets up a bus stop that freaks out pedestrians. That is my favorite pedestrian.

#game of thrones

Check Out The 'Game Of Thrones' Season Four Poster Plastered On The Side Of HBO's Los Angeles Building


Plastering the poster for the new season of Game of Thrones on the side of the HBO building has apparently become an annual event.


‘Got Milk?’ Is Being Retired After Twenty Years In Favor Of A New, Dumber Ad Campaign

By | 11 Comments

If you like really poorly thought out advertising campaigns, you'll love this new Milk campaign!

#jimmy kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel Mashes All Of The Super Bowl Ads Into One Video


Jimmy Kimmel mashes all of the Super Bowl ads together to remind us of the brands that dominate us during the game. Mmmmm, Beer.


Tim Tebow’s New Super Bowl Commercial For T-Mobile Is Delightfully Self-Deprecating

By | 14 Comments

Lesson number one million that self-deprecation is the way to everyone's heart.


10 Surprising Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About The History Of Super Bowl Commercials

By | 13 Comments

Before Sunday's big game, here's a look back at some of the lesser known facts about the greatest Super Bowl commercials of all time.

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