‘Longmire’ Has Been Picked Up By Netflix For Season 4

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Three months after A&E canceled its most watched original scripted series, Netflix saves the day by ordering a 4th season of 'Longmire.'


‘Longmire’ Staff Writer Tony Tost Thinks You Should Be Watching ‘Longmire’ And He’d Like To Tell You Why

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"Longmire" staff writer Tony Tost would like the show to be one that you watch. We decided to give him the opportunity to tell you why.


This Week In Synergy: A&E Wants Ted To Stop By ‘Wahlburgers’

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The producer of 'Wahlburgers' is hoping that Mark Wahlberg can convince Seth MacFarlane to stop by with a 'Ted' cameo.

phil robertson

After Holding America Hostage For 9 Long Days, A&E Has Reinstated 'Duck Dynasty' Star Phil Robertson

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Let's be real here...Phil Robertson returning to Duck Dynasty is all about the Benjamins, baby.

phil robertson

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Phil Robertson Has Been Suspended Indefinitely Following His Anti-Gay Comments

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The 'Duck Dynasty' patriarch made some controversial comments in GQ and A&E was forced to take action.

saints & sinners

Channing Tatum Is Developing An A&E Reality Show About His Bourbon Street Restaurtant/Bar, Saints & Sinners

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Channing Tatum is developing a reality show about his Bourbon Street joint, Saints & Sinners. Sample dialogue: "SHOTS! SHOTS! SHOTS!"


The ‘Duck Dynasty’ Season Premiere Set Tons Of Ratings Records And Doubled-Up ‘Breaking Bad’

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Last night's "Duck Dynasty" season premiere was the most-watch non-fiction cable show in history. Think about that for a second.


‘Bates Motel’ Coming To Take A Stab At Horror On A&E

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'Bates Motel' is getting a heavy push from A&E. And if nothing else, it's got a great cast.

Reality TV

A&E Is Making A Reality Show About Former Louisiana Governor Edwin Edwards And His Trophy Wife

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A&E is producing a reality show about a corrupt, 85-year-old former Louisiana governor named Edwin Edwards and his smoking hot 34-year-old wife.


Mark Wahlberg Is Producing 'The Real Housewives of Southie,' Basically

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Mark Wahlberg and A&E are making a reality show inspired by the women in the movie "The Fighter."


Michael Bay Is Producing A Cop Show About The Occult And It Sounds Amazing

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Michael Bay and A&E are teaming up to make what appears to be the greatest television show of all-time.

Reality TV

Michael Bay to Do a 360-Degree Shot on the World, Produce Reality Show for A&E


*EXPLOSION NOISE* *GUN SHOT* *HOT WOMAN WASHING HERSELF WITH A SPONGE WHILE CLEANING HER CAR* *LINKIN PARK SONG* That's how you say the following in Bayian: I’ve learned that A&E has put in development an unscripted reality series executive produced by feature director-producer Michael Bay.


Cable TV Is Full of Liars

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This post was originally going to be about the History Channel paying $3.5 million to advertise their show "Swamp People" during the Super Bowl.


What’s On Tonight: Football

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NFL Football: Saints at Packers (NBC) - My cable has been going in and out all day because Eastern Pennsylvania is mostly underwater.



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Tonight's season finale of "Hoarders" features a man named Glen who has a hoard of rats.

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