Why The Supreme Court Just Killed Aereo: An Explainer

By | 19 Comments

The Supreme Court killed Aereo, but the networks shouldn't celebrate yet.

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The Supreme Court Begins Deciding The Future Of TV Tomorrow: An Explainer

By | 8 Comments

Aereo goes to the Supreme Court to justify its existence. Why it's likely to win.


Why Broadcasters Are Taking Their Attempts To Block Aereo All The Way To The Supreme Court

By | 9 Comments

Aereo is headed to the Supreme Court, and it'll likely win. Why that's a good thing.

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Aereo Is Coming To Miami, Houston And Dallas Next Month

By | 2 Comments

Aereo is, despite the network's fervent hopes, not going away.

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John McCain Plans To Introduce A Bill That Could Revolutionize The Cable Industry

By | 36 Comments

John McCain plans to introduce a bill that would allow for a la carte cable packages, and end bundling and sports blackouts.


Why Aereo Is Scaring The Hell Out Of Broadcast Networks

By | 13 Comments

Aereo is Satan as far as the networks are concerned. But why?

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CBS Is Considering Shutting Down Its Broadcast Signal In New York To Screw Aereo

By | 33 Comments

CBS hates Aereo so much, it's actually considering going off the air in one of the biggest television markets in America.

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Aereo Comes To Roku, Gets Ready To Roll Out To 22 More Cities

By | 4 Comments

Aereo plans to take away any need for you to own an antenna... or, for that matter, a cable subscription.

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