An Incredibly Racist Sign ‘Thanking’ Africa For AIDS And Ebola Is Causing Controversy In Nebraska

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A resident of Minden, otherwise known as the "Christmas City," decided to thank the African continent for AIDS, Ebola, and Obama.


A New York City Doctor Has Reportedly Tested Positive For Ebola

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Dr. Craig Spencer, who had been treating patients in Guinea recently, reportedly tested positive for Ebola at Bellevue Hospital in New York.


Here’s An Ebola Victim Waking Up From The Dead In A Body Bag

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Watch this Ebola victim rise from the "dead" in Liberia.

#Justin Bieber

Some High School Students In Washington Are Making Their Classmates Donate Money In The Cruelest Way Possible

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Kids at a high school in Washington have been playing Justin Bieber's 'Baby' on repeat to make their classmates donate money for an orphanage in Ghana.


Here’s Why You Should Never Bet Your House On A Soccer Game, Stupid


A Ugandan soccer fan is now homeless following a bet on an Arsenal vs. Manchester United game. Also, he's got multiple wives. This is pretty weird, guys.


Rick Ross Is Really Happy To Be In ‘The Beautiful Country Of Africa’

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Rick Ross isn't the geographical genius we all thought he was.


Where The Deer And The Antelope Play/Wreck Your Bike/Nearly Kill You

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Robert Mennen is an Australian cyclist just trying to finish stage one of South Africa's Cape Epic race without running over any antelope at almost 40 mph and almost killing himself.


Baby Turtle vs. Ghost Crab


One in every thousand baby sea turtles actually makes it to adulthood.


What’s Yao Ming Doing Now That His Basketball Career Is Over?

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Since injuries derailed and ended the career of 2002 #1 overall draft pick Yao Ming, the former Rocket has kept a rather low profile here in a America.


Interview: Mads Brügger, director of The Ambassador

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Danish filmmaker Mads Brügger's The Ambassador (read my review here) opened on VOD everywhere and began a limited theatrical run last week.


The Ambassador is out today, looks insane

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Drafthouse Films is releasing The Ambassador on VOD today (in advance of a theatrical release in New York, LA, and Austin at the end of this month), and boy does this look f*cking nuts.


If You Watch One Cover Of Toto's 'Africa' Sung By Two Guys In A Utah Pizza Shop Today, Let It Be This One

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Last fall I made a roadtrip with a bunch of friends to the LSU/West Virginia football game in Morgantown, WV.


The Amputee Soccer Championships Are Inspiring, But Not On The Internet


This is a video of Africa's Amputee Soccer Championships, set to music a family in an early-90s comedy might hear while enjoying the first part of their vacation.


Keeping Cancer Sexy: Superheroines Self-Examine Their Breasts

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Maísa Chaves made four Superhero-themed breast cancer awareness ads for the DDB Mozambique agency with funding from the Associação da Luta Contra o Cancer (ALCC) in Mozambique.


Ghana’s Terminator/Predator movie looks legit

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Here we have the trailer for 2016, a movie from Ghana which seems to be set four years in the future, in a time when both Terminators and Predators roam the Earth.

Reality TV

New Reality Show: Who Wants to Marry an African Hooker?

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I'm not sure whether this is happy or sad: Muvi TV in Zambia is airing a reality show called "Ready for Marriage" that tries to find husbands for former prostitutes.


Week In Review: Got An Elephant Problem? Go Daddy Will Solve It


Yesterday I dug up some news about American CEOs and how a study said that a record number of CEOs are optimistic about the world's economy, while another CEO had a pretty bleak outlook.


Mega Gallery: Crazy movie posters from Africa

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After my award-winning post about Polish movie posters -- okay, so I didn't actually win any "awards," but I did get lots of pageviews (*pulls out stack of singles*) Here's my best blogger ever award number one (*stuffs down own G-string*), here's my best blogger ever award number two.

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