paula deen

Paula Deen Fired Her Agent, Because Every Buttery Bigot Meltdown Needs A Scapegoat


Paula Deen's agent obviously should have tried harder in his efforts to keep her unsavory thoughts about black folks under wraps.

#Jay Z

From Jay Z To Bob Costas, It Seems Like Rap Has Found A Home In Baseball


Now I don’t know much about the music that you crazy kids are listening to today, but I’m told by the barista at my Starbucks that Jay Z is a hippity hop rap maker, and he’s quite successful.

#Star Trek

Chris Pine’s Former Agents Are Suing Him


I was watching Star Trek on FX Last night and I couldn’t help but get lost in Chris Pine’s dreamy eyes wonder how Chris Pine wasn’t already passing Chris Evans and Ryan Reynolds in the “interchangeable hunk actor who won’t blow you away but can still act circles around Paul Walker” category.


The Dugout: John Mayberry Wants To F**k A Mermaid


Finally, a Pirates of the Caribbean Dugout that doesn't have to be about Pittsburgh.


Agent Paid 30 College Football Players…Because The NCAA Doesn’t


By now, most of you probably have seen the George Dohrmann piece in SI about Josh Luchs, the sports agent that sought to pay dozens of college football players (including Santonio Holmes, pictured) in hopes of representing them when they reached the NFL.

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