Blue Magic: Nike Air Max 24-7 x Air Max 95

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The Nike Air Max 24/7's are a style that's hit-or-miss sneaker for most, either coveted or clearance rack fodder.


Nike Air Max 95 Blue Slate

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Oooh yeahhh © Kool-Aid man Old school enough for you? Along with the Comet Reds, it looks like Nike has intentions of bringin' back the Blue Slate 95's for this upcoming summer.


Nike AM95 x JD Sports

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The gradient grays mixed with a neon blue and wee bit of yellow.

Takashi Murakami

10.8 The Cooler

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We've Got An APB Out On The Name Of This Butter Pecan Bloody Mary Buffalo Wings [The Bachelor Guy] Why Every Man Needs a Butcher [Men Style] Use Toilet Before Boarding, Japan Airline Asks [CNN] Trick-or-Puke.


Nike x Wolverine x Sabertooth

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My feet just had a nerdgasm.


Ready To Rock…

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Need a red colorway for the summer.


“Exploring The Options…”

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If yesterday's AM95 offering didn't tempt you, Nike's got more in store for this spring & summer.


“A Fresh Start For Spring…”

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Words By Jason Hortillas Nike does not believe there is a recession because they have the balls to charge $145 for a pair of Air Max 95's.


Nike Air Max 95 Black/Varsity Red-Neutral Grey

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The shoes affectionately known as the "Chili Reds" are makin' their way back.

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