Blue Magic: Nike Air Max 24-7 x Air Max 95

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<a href=""> The <a href="">Nike Air Max 24/7's</a> are a style that's hit-or-miss sneaker for most, either coveted or clearance rack fodder.


Nike Air Max 95 Blue Slate

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<a href=""> Oooh yeahhh © Kool-Aid man Old school enough for you? Along with the <a href="">Comet Reds</a>, it looks like Nike has intentions of bringin' back the Blue Slate 95's for this upcoming summer.


Nike AM95 x JD Sports

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The gradient grays mixed with a neon blue and wee bit of yellow.

Takashi Murakami

10.8 The Cooler

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We've Got An APB Out On The Name Of This Butter Pecan Bloody Mary Buffalo Wings <a href="">[The Bachelor Guy]</a> Why Every Man Needs a Butcher <a href="">[Men Style]</a> Use Toilet Before Boarding, Japan Airline Asks <a href="">[CNN]</a> Trick-or-Puke.


Nike x Wolverine x Sabertooth

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My feet just had a nerdgasm.


Ready To Rock…

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Need a red colorway for the summer.


“Exploring The Options…”

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If <a href="">yesterday's AM95 offering</a> didn't tempt you, Nike's got more in store for this spring & summer.


“A Fresh Start For Spring…”

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Words By Jason Hortillas Nike does not believe there is a recession because they have the balls to charge $145 for a pair of Air Max 95's.


Nike Air Max 95 Black/Varsity Red-Neutral Grey

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The shoes affectionately known as the "Chili Reds" are makin' their way back.

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