United Airlines

United Airlines Is Reportedly Coming Up With A Way To Make Air Travel Even More Unpleasant

By | 36 Comments

Airline seats feeling just a little too roomy? United Airlines has the perfection solution!


Science Finally Explains Why We Fart More On Airplanes

By | 8 Comments

The people farting on your flight can't help it: biology and physics are working against them.


The TSA’s Expensive, Controversial Backscatter Scanners Were Utterly Useless

By | 13 Comments

Remember those backscatter machines you had to go through for years when flying? Turns out they didn't work.


Delta Bumped An Entire Plane Full Of Holiday Travelers For The Florida Basketball Team

By | 12 Comments

You have to admire Delta Airlines' dedication to being the worst. They truly go above and beyond.


Oh Please God No: The FCC Might Lift The Ban In-Flight Phone Calls

By | 7 Comments

In-flight calls might become way more common if the FCC has its way.


The TSA’s New Instagram Account Is Amazing

By | 6 Comments

You'd think the TSA and Instagram would be a nexus of awful. Instead, this might be the best Instagram account ever conceived.


Two Guys Do What We’d Think About Doing If We Were Stuck In An Airport Overnight


Have you ever been stuck in an airport overnight and perhaps given thought to seeing what sorts of mischief you could get into.


Taiwan’s Getting Really Fast at This

By | 11 Comments

A couple days ago, the Internet anointed a new hero in Steven Slater, the jetBlue flight attendant who flipped out at an unruly passenger, grabbed a couple beers, and popped the escape hatch to freedom and the unemployment line.

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