Nintendo Just Patented A Game Boy Emulator For Use On Smart Phones And Airplanes

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This new move could possibly allow for official Game Boy titles on mobile devices. Gamers everywhere may also require fresh underwear.

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This Woman’s Vulgar Meltdown While Getting Ejected From An Airplane Will Warm Your Cold Heart, Or Something

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Let's just say that this woman doesn't take the news super well that she's being removed from her flight.


Here’s A Terrifying Video Of A Plane Almost Landing On A Sunbather In Germany

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A pilot came in a little low for his landing next to a German beach, narrowly avoiding a presumably terrified sunbather.


A Drunk Woman Was Caught Having Sex On A Flight That Her Parents Were Also On

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A drunk woman had sex on a Virgin flight to Las Vegas. It's almost too perfect.


This Airline Captain Is The King Of The Terrible Dad Joke

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Stick to your day job (of not crashing airplanes).

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You’ve Never Been As Happy As These Old Ladies During Their First Airplane Flight


Watching adorable old ladies in an airplane for the first time is an absolute delight.


U.S. Investigators Believe Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Kept Flying For Four Hours After Last Contact

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Mysteries continue to baffle investigators as they try to figure out what happened to the 239 people onboard the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

Everything You Need To Know About The Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

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How does a flight with 239 people on board go missing? No one knows, which is what makes the case of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 so mysterious.


Bubba Watson Is Sinking Putts On Airplanes So You’ll Put Him On SportsCenter

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Golfer Bubba Watson sunk a putt on an airplane in a desperate attempt to get onto the SportsCenter Top 10. Also, a guy fell through a golf shop roof.


Two Strangers Passed Increasingly Angry Notes On A Delayed Flight. One Got Slapped.

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Elan Gale is a Thanksgiving hero for livetweeting his encounter with a loud woman on an airplane.

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A Couple Flying To Las Vegas Joined The Mile High Club And Let Everyone Watch

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On a quick flight from Oregon to Las Vegas, a couple was arrested for performing at least four different sexual acts in front of passengers.

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Video: A Boeing 777 Was On Fire After Crashing At San Francisco International Airport

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A flight from South Korea crashed at San Francisco International Airport today when the Boeing 777's tail came off.


You May Soon Be Able To Play Candy Crush On Your iPhone During Plane Takeoffs, Landings

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Soon you'll be able to use your iPhone while listening to your iPod during airplane departures and arrivals, probably.


Toy Airplane Fail


Leslie Mills decided to get her husband a toy airplane as a gag gift for his birthday.

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