Ty Lawson

The 20 Best College Basketball Crossovers


The crossover is such a beautiful thing, especially on the college level.

#LeBron James

The X-Factors To Watch On The NBA’s Opening Night


Tonight is the night: The NBA is back in business.


Deron Williams Destroys A.J. Price in Postgame Press Conference


During last night's Nets/Wizards game in Brooklyn, Deron Williams and A.


Nets Drop The Wiz In New Arena; Kyrie Irving Unleashes His Fury


Brooklyn's executives had to be happy with the Nets' opening night at the Barclays Center.


Report: A.J. Price Joins The Wizards Backcourt


After three years in Indiana and career averages of 6.


Daily Fantasy Basketball Diagnosis: 2.15

By | 5 Comments

Beast of the Night: Nick Young makes an unexpected appearance here thanks to his 35 points, three rebounds, two steals and seven three-pointers last night.


It Appears NBA Refs Hate Nenad Krstic In Boston

By | 6 Comments

Even the late Rodney Dangerfield would have agreed that after arriving in Boston, Nenad Krstic has received no respect from NBA referees.

Troy Murphy

Indiana: Please Don’t Start Lance Stephenson at Point Guard

By | 17 Comments

Other than "I can't stand Reggie Miller," the last thing you'd expect to hear from an Indiana Pacers fan is, "I hope we start T.

TJ Ford

T.J. Ford is back

By | 7 Comments

Anybody who's followed the Pacers over the past couple of seasons would understand why T.


NBA Hit List power ranking, 1.26

By | 36 Comments

Ranking the League from worst to first.


Reebok Still Talkin’ Quote of the Day 11.17

By | 28 Comments

You would think that if you're in the NBA fraternity that you would have an easier time building a friendship with one of the stars in the league.


Nuggets get locked up abroad; Shaq says ’10 Cavs > ’00-02 Lakers

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Principal D-Stern had to have been pleased with his product yesterday, as two of the NBA's three preseason games took place outside the United States.


5 point guards to watch for 2009-10

By | 22 Comments

After putting together the modified Top-50 list of players from '08-09, I had about 50 leftovers who just missed the cut.


What makes an NBA Draft bust?

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As not to break my own "It's just summer league" adage, I won't get too excited about the fact that Roy Hibbert and Tyler Hansbrough are rampaging through Orlando right now for my Pacers like Robert Parish and Kevin McHale in '86 (with A.


Spartans are “close to special,” North Carolina is just nasty

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After Michigan State upset UConn in the first of yesterday's Final Four games, Jim Calhoun said, "We're pretty good, but they're close to special." But are the Spartans special enough now to handle North Carolina.


Gilbert Arenas is back and better, and ‘Nova makes the Final Four

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Are we seeing the early stages of a new, more mature Gilbert Arenas.


March Madness update: Memphis, UConn cruise to Sweet 16

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After struggling in their first-round game against Cal State-Northridge, Memphis finally played like a 2-seed should.


70 Minutes of Greatness

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This morning on New York sports radio, they were debating whether or not last night's UConn/Syracuse epic 6-OT game was the greatest sporting event ever held at Madison Square Garden.

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