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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About The Al Pacino-Robert De Niro Scene In ‘Heat’

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It's one of the greatest scenes in cinema, and this is everything you've ever wanted to know about it.

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Al Pacino Met With Marvel’s Kevin Feige But We Shouldn’t Get Our Hopes Up

By | 16 Comments

After declaring his love for 'Guardians of the Galaxy,' Al Pacino had a meeting with Marvel's Kevin Feige.


The Films Of Christopher Nolan: A Semi-Definitive Ranking

By | 107 Comments

We put numbers next to the films that Christopher Nolan made because f*ck you.


The A To Z Guide To The Celebrity Voices Selling Us Every Product On Earth

By | 32 Comments

You may not always recognize them, but plenty of our favorite celebrities' voices are pushing products from cars to insurance.

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Al Pacino Plays A Horny Has-Been In The Trailer For ‘The Humbling’

By | 15 Comments

Al Pacino starring in a film based on a Philip Roth novel. Nuff said.

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Al Pacino Loves ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ And Is Open To A Marvel Movie

By | 29 Comments

The legendary actor saw 'Guardians of the Galaxy' with his teenage sons and called it a 'a beautiful film.'


‘The Humbling’ Features Greta Gerwig As A Lesbian Who Falls In Love With A Man, Since That Happened Once

By | 34 Comments

Lesbian Greta Gerwig falls of Al Pacino in 'The Humbling,' which sounds totally plausible.


27 Diazes: A Scientific Ranking Of Cameron Diaz Films We Have Seen

By | 43 Comments

Did you know Laremy has seen 27, count them, 27 Cameron Diaz films? He ranks them here, using a proprietary algorithm.

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‘Rambo’ And 9 Other Famous Movie Roles Almost Played By Al Pacino

By | 14 Comments

Al Pacino has had an amazing film career, but that doesn't mean he hasn't missed out on some iconic roles -- especially in 1977.


SNL: The Al Pacino Accused Murderer Biopic Series


After playing Phil Spector and Jack Kevorikian, Al Pacino is taking on more controversial biopic roles -- including Amanda Knox.


Hank Azaria on his Heat reaction shot: ‘I was truly scared’

By | 19 Comments

I wouldn't normally write an entire post about a tweet from a celebrity, but let's be honest, any excuse to talk about Pacino's GREAT ASS.


LOUD NOISES! Supercut of Al Pacino acting as hard as he can.

By | 35 Comments

Here at FilmDrunk, we've long been fans of Al Pacino's ACTING with a capital A and exclamation point.


The True Stories Behind 8 Of Phil Spector’s Greatest Songs

By | 5 Comments

The time Phil Spector pulled a gun on the Ramones, and other insane "Wall of Sound" stories.


Rolling Stone used an awesome picture of Al Pacino

By | 6 Comments

Rolling Stone published a full-page Q & A with Al Pacino in their new Mumford and Sons issue, discussing everything from his upcoming <a href="http://filmdrunk.uproxx.com/2013/02/trailer-al-pacino-phil-spector-biopic-david-mamet" target="_blank">Phil Spector biopic</a> (which may explain the hair) to his iconic overacting in Scarface.


A Thorough Accounting of Al Pacino’s Phil Spector Wigs

By | 8 Comments

When Al Pacino plays an eccentric, megalomaniacal music producer in a biopic written and directed by David Mamet, you can bet it's a recipe for ACTING, with a capital A.


Cage Against The Machine: Hanksy Visits LA To Post New Pop Culture Street Art


Street artist Hanksy has made the trip from New York City to Los Angeles, posting new pop culture mashups to promote an upcoming show at Gallery 1988.


Count Al Pacino’s Hairstyles In HBO’s ‘Phil Spector’ Trailer (And The Morning Links)

By | 4 Comments

Watch a new trailer for HBO's "Phil Spector" with Al Pacino, and the rest of the Morning Links.

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