Your College Football Recap, Week 14: The King is Dead

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<a href=""></a>Words by <a href="">Alec Bojalad</a> Holy f*cking football, Batman.

roll tears roll

Listen To Auburn’s Radio Announcers Lose Their Minds As The Game-Winning Touchdown Unfolded

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Auburn's radio announcer had the best reaction to the Tigers' game-winning touchdown against No. 1 Alabama.


On Starlito, AJ McCarron & The Art Of Silent Longevity

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What's an All-American country boy quarterback with two national championships under his belt have to do with one Hip-Hop's best storytellers? A lot, actually.


BCS Rankings: Alabama, Florida State Remain On Collision Course

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And then there were three. Undefeated teams, that is.


Week 12 BCS Standings: Bama Stays On Top, Baylor’s The Odd Man Out

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Among Ohio State, Stanford and Baylor, someone was going to get screwed by the BCS.


College Football’s Big Weekend Pits Alabama Vs. LSU, Oregon Vs. Stanford + More

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By Sunday morning, the college football landscape could look completely different.


Your College Football Recap, Week 10: Where Florida State Covered That Outrageous Point Spread

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Twenty-one point spread? No problem for Famous Jameis and the 'Noles as they roll Miami.


Alabama, Florida State (Not Oregon) Top First BCS Rankings

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As the title of Tinsley's <a href="">college football recap indicated yesterday</a>, this week's college football polls will look different.


And Your Week 4 AP College Football Poll of the Year Is Here

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In college football's AP poll this week, the top-five teams remain unchanged.


College Football Recap, Week 3: Roll Tide, Roll, #SMH Texas and Other Happenings On Another “Game of the Century” Weekend

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I want to bring up our <a href="">"10 Points You Need to Know Before Watching the Alabama Vs. Texas Game"</a> article again not only because I'm a shameless promoter of our work but also someone who lacks, at 8:30 this Sunday morning of our Lord, an entirely original angle.

Texas A&M University

10 Points You Need To Know Before Watching The Alabama Vs. Texas A&M Game

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In a weekend which could become the <a href="" target="_blank">best sports weekend of the year</a>, Alabama visiting Texas A&M figures to be one hell of a kickoff.


Keith Olbermann Had To Give Sports A Talkin’ To About 9/11

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Yesterday when <a href="" target="_blank">former New York Mets and Boston Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine used 9/11 to throw shade at the New York Yankees</a>, we hoped and wondered aloud that that'd be the worst of it, and sports wouldn't act like such a bunch of idiots about a national tragedy.


Texas Plummets in Week 3 College Football Poll

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The third college football poll of the season has been released, and it appears that Texas is the week's biggest mover; although, not in ways that Longhorn fans or Mack Brown will appreciate.


Update: Yelling ‘Roll Tide’ In Church Will Send Everyone In Church To Hell

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ROLL DAMN RABBI. An Alabama synagogue has reminded you that yelling 'Roll Tide' or 'War Eagle' during Yom Kippur will send you and everyone else to Hell.


The Duck Dynasty Guys Are Making Duck Calls From The Remains Of Toomer’s Oaks

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Back in 2011, an Alabama fan named Harvey Updike, with sons named Crimson and Bear (ROLL TIDE), <a href="" target="_blank">was arrested for poisoning the legendary oak trees</a> at Toomer’s Corner, and earlier this year he was sentenced to at least six months in jail.


Johnny Manziel Was Not Kicked Out Of The Manning Passing Academy, Bro

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Over the weekend, reports that Texas A&M’s Heisman Trophy winner quarterback and righteous party animal Johnny Manziel had been kicked out of the 2013 Manning Passing Academy started spreading like wildfire.

roll tide

AJ McCarron Is Making A New Girl ‘Famous’

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Now I ain’t one to toss around big, ol’ fancy words like “coincidence” but I think this story might just fall into that category.


One Auburn Fan Really Loved Those Toomer’s Corner Oak Trees… A Lot


Back in March, an Alabama Crimson Tide fan named <a href="" target="_blank">Harvey Updyke Jr. was sentenced to at least six months in jail</a> for admitting that he poisoned the famed trees at Auburn’s Toomer’s Corner, and I’m sure that Tigers fans everywhere were none too pleased about that light verdict.

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