Allow Alan Rickman To Screw Up Your Childhood With This Creative Short Film

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Alan Rickman manages to ruin childhood as we know it in this inventive short film.


By Grabthar’s Hammer! Here Are Some Interesting Things You May Not Know About ‘Galaxy Quest’.

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All the actors want a sequel! Here are some of the most interesting facts we picked up from an excellent oral history of 'Galaxy Quest'.

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Movies On A Plane: ‘Gambit,’ The Forgotten Coen Brothers Project

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'Gambit' was written by the Coen Brothers and forgotten by almost everyone, so we watched it on a plane.


20 Surprising Facts You Might Not Know About ‘Die Hard’

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The Christmas season hasn't really begun until John McClane kills his first terrorist.


Ronald Reagan’s Son Thinks That Lee Daniels’ The Butler Is Full Of Bull Poop

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Lee Daniels’ The Butler is a pretty huge hit, both with critics and moviegoers, as it’s tracking at 73% on Rotten Tomatoes and has grossed $53 million in its first two weeks.


The ‘CBGB’ Trailer Makes Punk Rock Look Adorable And Harmless

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The new trailer for CBGB, the story of the iconic New York City punk rock venue, is pretty overwhelming, because there’s so much happening in just 2 minutes of footage.


Die Hard: The Musical


Hans Gruber sings his way through his battle with John McClane in Die Hard: The Musical.


Coen Bros-scripted ‘Gambit’ Has A Trailer, Is The Worst X-Men Film

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I’ll admit that for a second my heart skipped a beat when I saw the alert for a trailer to the film Gambit, as I said a quick prayer to my monkey gods for a film that could help me forget Taylor Kitsch’s portrayal of the Cajun X-Man in the lackluster Wolverine.

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Epic Tea Time With Alan Rickman (And Links)


This intense tea time with Alan Rickman had me riveted, and that ending is so true to life.



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