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This Awesome Dad Has Been Recreating Famous Album Covers With His Sons


Did your dad ever Photoshop you into the "Birth of the Cool" album cover? Then he's not as awesome as this proud papa.

iron maiden

An Artist Has Depicted What Iconic Album Covers Look Like From Different Angles

By | 3 Comments

Just in case you've ever wondered what the "Nevermind" baby looks like from behind.

ink master

Ten Album Covers Worth Tattooing On Your Body

Promoted by Ink Master

Looking for art to tattoo onto your skin? Here are ten album covers that make the grade.


Meet The 7-Year-Old Artist Who Draws Classic Hip Hop Album Covers

By | 4 Comments

Yung Lenox is only seven years old, but he's cooler than you

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Did You Know That A Supertramp Album From 1979 Predicted 9/11?


Every so often, <a href="">this musical conspiracy</a>, every bit as insane as <a href="">The Simpsons/September 11 truthers</a>, will go viral again, but it's always worth discussing.


This Collection Of Terrible Christmas Album Covers Will Make You Convert To Judaism


After seeing the cover for Raffi's Christmas album, you'll be done with Christmas forever.


Lil’ Kim Stole A Redditor’s Zombie Artwork For Her Album Cover

By | 3 Comments

Lil Kim is up to no good, and not just because she's rapping again.

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Miley Cyrus Is Calling Her New Album ‘Bangerz,’ And Somehow That’s Not The Worst Part

By | 10 Comments

The covers for the regular and deluxe editions of Miley Cyrus' upcoming album BANGERZ (seriously) are here. Yes, they are ironic, don't worry.


The Internet Is Having Fun Improving Drake’s ‘Nothing Was The Same’ Album Cover

By | 14 Comments

Drake's "Nothing Was the Same" album cover is unfortunate, so the Internet is greatly improving it.

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Drake Reveals The Ridiculous Cover Art For His New Album

By | 8 Comments

Canadian mumble-rap superstar reveals some of the softest cover art this side of an Enya album.

album covers

Dave Chappelle Is On The Cover Of Prince’s New Single, ‘Breakfast Can Wait’

By | 12 Comments

The artwork for Prince's new single, "Breakfast Can Wait," features a familiar face.

Songs In The Key Of Bluth: See What Retro ‘Arrested Development’ Album Covers Would Look Like

By | 2 Comments

If characters from "Arrested Development" released albums, this is what their cover art would look like.

new music

Yeah Yeah Yeahs Announce New Album Which Will Likely Win Award For 2013's Worst Album Cover

By | 7 Comments

The good: a new Yeah Yeah Yeahs album, Mosquito, coming out in April. The bad: Mosquito's album cover.


Classic Album Covers Recreated With Socks, Because Why Not Internet?


Introducing Your Single-Serving Tumblr of the Day That Is Exactly What It Sounds Like.


Aziz Ansari Photoshopped Into Famous Hip Hop Album Covers As Only Aziz Himself Could Have Imagined


Ever found yourself wondering what it would look like if Aziz Ansari's likeness was photoshopped into iconic hip hop album covers?

Here Are 25 Amazing GIFified Album Covers For Your Viewing Pleasure

By | 7 Comments

I'm not sure how the <a href="">Animated Albums Tumblr</a> has apparently been around for months without -- until this week -- crossing my radar.

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