Beyond ‘Purple Rain': 5 Other Prince Albums Everyone Should Own

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You already own Prince's "Purple Rain" and "Sign o' the Times." Now what?


Ranking Weezer’s Albums, From Worst To Best

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To celebrate 20 years of "The Blue Album," let's rank all of Weezer's albums.


Ranking Green Day’s Albums, From Worst To Best

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Green Day's albums, from "21st Century Breakdown" to not "21 Century Breakdown."


Ranking Bruce Springsteen’s Albums, From Worst To Best

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Bruce Springsteen has released a lot of great albums, but which one is the greatest?

#Jay Z

Jay Z’s Best And Worst Albums, According To Jay Z

By | 16 Comments

Good news, Jay Z hates "The Blueprint 2" as much as you do.

pearl jam

Ranking Pearl Jam’s Albums, From Worst To Best

By | 52 Comments

In honor of "Lightning Bolt," a ranking of every Pearl Jam album, from worst to best.

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