On The Stolen Green Day Album That Led To ‘American Idiot,’ Which Just Turned 10

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"American Idiot" was actually a backup plan for Green Day. Read about the album that never was.


30 Notable Rap Albums Turning 10 This Year


Hip-Hop entries from 2004 serve as some sort of Rorschach Test for whether someone believes 2004 feels like last week or a past millennia.

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Samsung’s App For Downloading Jay Z’s ‘Magna Carta Holy Grail’ Is Odd But Interesting

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Jay-Z's new album is great. And the content of the app tied to it is almost as good. But the app itself might be a bit too intrusive for some.

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Paris Hilton’s New Album Is Almost Done, Followed By Her Very First Resort

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In a new interview with the Daily Beast, Paris Hilton talked about her new dance album, the story behind The Bling Ring and comparisons to Kim Kardashian.


People Believe That Andy Kaufman Is Alive And Well In Albuquerque

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With a new Andy Kaufman comedy album due out in July, the comic's fans still believe that he faked his death in 1984 and currently lives in New Mexico.


It’s Been A Pleasure, 2K10: The 15 Best Hip-Hop Albums Of 2010

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Albums have lost their allure to customers, at least that's the impression we're given.

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10 Awesomely Disastrous Follow Up Albums

By | 28 Comments

For most musicians, releasing a best selling album is something that just never happens.

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