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Walter White’s Favorite Denny’s Is Relocating And Albuquerque Residents Are Not Pleased

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No more somber, bacon-filled birthday celebrations at Walter White's favorite Denny's.


You Can Still See Fake ‘Breaking Bad’ Blood In Albuquerque

By | 9 Comments

A little bit of "Breaking Bad" still lingers in New Mexico.


How To Re-Create 'Breaking Bad' Scenes With Photography During A Tour Of Albuquerque

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This just screams "perfect Friday afternoon before Labor Day when Breaking Bad is the only new show this weekend."


‘Breaking Bad’ Is Thanking Albuquerque With These Classy Billboards All Over Town

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Just a classy gesture and a great chemistry pun all rolled up into one.


I Took The ‘Breaking Bad’ Tour Of Albuquerque And Got To Hang With Bryan Cranston Along The Way

By | 51 Comments

We visited Albuquerque, New Mexico, to see where "Breaking Bad" is filmed so you don't have to.


A Couple Vacationed In Albuquerque And Visited Just About Every Major 'Breaking Bad' Location

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A couple, the Harrisons, emailed us today with a video they made from their recent vacation to Albuquerque, where they tracked down just about every significant location from Breaking Bad.

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