What’s The Most Popular Cocktail In Your State? This Map Has The Answer.

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What's the most popular cocktail in your state? This map has the answer.

The Hobbit

It Comes In Pints! …Sorta. Officially Licensed Hobbit Beer Is Shipping Now.

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A trio of specialty beers based on 'The Hobbit' will hopefully be in stores before the final installment of the films in December.


Good News! We Now Live In A Time Where Alcohol In Powdered Form Is Nearly Upon Us

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The U.S. Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau has just approved alcohol in powdered form called Palcohol. You're welcome?


Your Guide To The 20 Best Fake Beer Brands From Movies And Television

By | 28 Comments

Get your buzz on with the 20 tastiest fake beers from movies and TV.


Very Smart Man Gets Two DUIs At Same McDonald’s Drive-Thru In A Matter Of Hours

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A New York man is facing a pair of DUI charges after managing to drunkenly wreck his car twice at the same McDonald's location early Sunday morning.

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Jimmy Kimmel Asked SXSW Pedestrians 'Are You Drunk?' And Received Predictably Entertaining Responses

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Jimmy Kimmel's correspondent stopped random pedestrians in Austin and lobbed them a simple question: "Are you drunk?"

#bill murray

Please Allow Bill Murray To Teach You How To Consume Colossal Amounts Of Champagne Without Crashing

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According to Bill Murray, you've been drinking champagne wrong all these years.


Conan, Jeff Goldblum, And Angie Harmon Doing Tequila Shots May Be The Greatest Thing Ever

By | 10 Comments

When Conan breaks out the alcohol on his show, things get wild, funny and creepy all at once. Especially with Jeff Goldblum riding shotgun.


Meet The Oregon Couple Who Tried To Burn Down A Pizza Restaurant With Moonshine

By | 3 Comments

Haven't we all been in this sort of situation at least once in our lives?


26 Interesting Facts About Beer


Did you know the first professional beer brewers were women.


Facts That Prove Wine Is Magical


Drinking wine can reduce the risk of depression.


Drunk Guy Rams Head Through Car Window


A drunk guy wandering around a parking lot smashes his head through a random car window.


Watch Triumph The Insult Comic Dog Poop All Over Beer Snobs At The Great American Beer Festival

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Everyone's favorite foul-mouthed puppet slams gluten-free beer, stupid craft brewery names, the bathing habits and broken lives of brewers, and more.

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Russia’s Drunkest Driver


How much alcohol do you have to drink for this to happen.


Allow Drunk Ole Miss Girl To Tell You Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Ole Miss

By | 35 Comments

A reporter asked a drunk girl from Ole Miss to explain the school's motto, name their best-ever quarterback and share her feelings on life. Solid gold.

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