Paul Rudd Is Ready To Party At His Mom’s House Now That The Kansas City Royals Are In The World Series

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Paul Rudd is celebrating the Royals playoff dominance much in the same way he did back in 1985: partying at his mom's.

Brandon Finnegan

A Royals Pitcher Did Something Wonderful For A Fan Who Couldn’t Afford Tickets

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Brandon Finnegan Of The Royals Gave Playoff Tickets To A Random Fan On Twitter


The Best Highlights Of The 2013 ALCS And NLCS, Presented In the Medium Of Lego


Here are the top plays and moments from the 2013 ALCS and NLCS as performed by a bunch of stop-motion LEGO men.


I Would Do Anything For Lunch, But I Won’t Do That: Comerica Park’s Meatloaf Cupcakes

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Comerica Park has introduced meatloaf cupcakes for the ALCS, and yes, they are just meatloafs shaped like cupcakes. Hooray for heart disease!

#Justin Bieber

Erin Andrews Almost Called Justin Verlander ‘Justin Bieber,’ Got Butthurt About It

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Sideline reporter Erin Andrews almost called Justin Verlander 'Justin Bieber,' then got mad at anybody who noticed.


Shocking, Unbelievable Report: A D*ckhead Went To Game 2 Of The ALCS

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After he grabbed a home run ball away from a woman and threw it on the field, a Red Sox fan was removed from Game 2 of the ALCS for unruly behavior.


Here’s A Red Sox Fan Stealing A Home Run Ball From A Woman And Throwing It Back, In Case You Didn’t Hate Them Already

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An a-hole Boston Red Sox fan pried an ALCS home run ball away from a woman and threw it back, because Red Sox fans are the worst.


Taiwan Hates The New York Yankees, Loves Animating C.C. Sabathia’s Bones


If that preview image doesn't make you click the link, maybe this will: at one point in Taiwan's "New York Yankees didn't make the World Series" epic, Alex Rodriguez draws a sex emoticon on a ball and gets it tossed to a lady.


With Leather’s Watch This: Rain, Rain Go Away

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Word around the Tweeters right now is that the weather looks pretty bleak in my beloved hometown of St.


With Leather’s Watch This: Hey, Remember When We All Hated The Yankees?

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So remember that whole revelation yesterday that everyone suddenly wants to hate the St.


Alex Rodriguez Is Still A Grade A Poon Hound

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Alex Rodriguez made $29 million this season.


Cliff Lee Just Outed You In Front Of Your Parents

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Texas Rangers pitcher and Yankee-killing mercenary Cliff Lee <a href="">gave his team a 2-1 lead in the ALCS</a> last night after totally skullf:cking the Yankees high-priced lineup.



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Red Sox fans <a href="">live to front-run another day</a> after rallying from a 7-0 deficit in the bottom of the seventh to win, culminating in a JD Drew single in the bottom of the ninth that scored Kevin Youkilis.

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