Love Hangover: New Mixtapes From Jon Connor, YelaWolf, Kid Daytona & More

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Considering the majority of rappers keep their love life wide open, there were quite a few Valentine's Day mixtape releases yesterday.

We Got Now

Aleon Craft x DJ Smallz x SMKA Productions – Mothership Decatur Mixtape

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<a href=""> Have you ever ate food for thought off a flying saucer? Ever been beamed down by a wordplay transporter gamma ray? If you believe in UFO's, RAP's and 808s, <a href="">Aleon Craft</a> would love to cordially invite you to the planet of Mothership Decatur.

SMKA Productions

Aleon Craft – “Look Twice” (Prod. By SMKA Productions)

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<a href=""> Forever spitting the futuristic flavor that makes you do a double take on that "did-he-just-say-that-tip," <a href="">Aleon Craft</a> is still hovering above the moon, stars and Milky Way since you last heard him on The Stargazing Soundtrack.

SMKA Productions

Jarren Benton Feat. Aleon Craft “A Spacesuit And A Parachute”

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<a href=""> <a href="">Jarren Benton</a> loves outer space as evidenced by extra-terrestrial references from Battlestar Galactica to Outkast on the quixotically titled “A Spacesuit and a Parachute.

The Jacka

The Official 2010 A3C Mixtape

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<a href=""> I try not to get too excited about any musical events or traveling period. All of the pre-planning and coordinating involved usually does well enough at distracted me from the anticipation anyways. However, I fell head over heels in love with <a href="">A3C</a> rather quickly.


8.21 The Cooler

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Young Scolla

Aleon Craft – The Stargazing Soundtrack

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<a href=""> All aboard the SMKA space shuttle. Aleon Craft has crystal clear skies in his eyes as he blasts into orbit with Mick Boogie & Terry Urban for The Stargazing Soundtrack. With crew members such as Playboy Tre, Mikkey Halsted and several other literal ATLiens, to summarize this as simply a mixtape would be a crime. It's pure aeronautics. Atlanta, we have a problem. The Luke Skywalker/Issac Hayes hybrid of the game is about to get intergalatic on your arse. <a href=""> Download -- <a href="">Aleon Craft - The Stargazing Soundtrack</a> As an extra, Aleon sat down with <a href="">Maurice Garland</a> to break down Craft's new project.

Young Scolla

Aleon Craft Feat. Young Scolla & Mikkey Halsted – “Brand New Day”

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<a href=""> As ATL-iens <a href="">Aleon Craft</a> and <a href="">SMKA</a> continue their stellar journey—the <a href="">Stargazing Tour</a>, to be more specific—through the A, the duo drop “Brand New Day,” the latest installment from their corresponding Stargazing Soundtrack mixtape.

SMKA Productions

Aleon Craft – “Donkey Kong”

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<a href=""> Oh, this new pack of rowdy ATLiens. You have to love them because they're making music that's brilliantly fun & cocky without being ignorant or arrogant. <a href="">Aleon's</a> been winning crowd's with <a href="">live performances of "Donkey Kong"</a> for a while now.

The Prologue Pt. 1

Aleon Craft – The Prologue (Part One)

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Live from Mothership Decatur, <a href="">Aleon Craft</a> arrives to the third rock to bless you with some country rap tunes.

Young Scolla

SMKA – The 808 Experiment Vol. 2 Mixtape

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They gave you some hydro harmony with <a href="">Aleon Craft</a> and hit home with <a href="">Yelwolf</a>.


TSS Presents The Countdown To A3C’s Perfect Attendance Showcase: Day 6


Remember <a href="">the Mythblazers' mini-series</a>.

Young Scolla

It Just Keeps Getting Better…

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<a href="">October 1st to 3rd. A3C Festival, Atlanta, GA</a>.

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