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Introduce Yourself To The Insane Theory That Proves Alex Jones Is Really Bill Hicks

By | 12 Comments

An online video has sparked an insane debate over the possibility that radio host Alex Jones is actually late comedian Bill Hicks.

great ideas

A Pro Wrestling Company Based On Fox News Is Happening And Needs Awful, Awful Writers

By | 45 Comments

A guy on Craiglist wants to start a wrestling promotion based on political characters, conspiracy theories and storylines. Also, EVIL JEWS.


In Case You Were Curious, Alex Jones Is Still Quite Insane

By | 33 Comments

Let's check in with Alex Jones and see how he thinks the recent shooting in Las Vegas really went down.

the insane

FYI, Alex Jones Is Still Completely Batsh*t Insane

By | 32 Comments

Alex Jones is still hopelessly insane. We just thought you should know.


Meet Your Future Crazy Ex On Alex Jones’s Infowars Dating Website

By | 31 Comments

Alex Jones, the founder of Infowars, has a dating section on his website, called "Dating Freedom Lovers." OKCupid, you better watch yourself.


Fox Pulls Edited ‘Family Guy’ Clip That Shows Boston Marathon Deaths

By | 31 Comments

Some wacko edited two clips from "Family Guy" together to make it seem like the animated show predicted the Boston Marathon explosions. Fox isn't happy.


Howard Stern’s Interview With Alex Jones Was A Rollicking Crazy Train Wreck

By | 15 Comments

Alex Jones is crazy. This much is clear. Just how crazy I did not know until listening to this interview with Howard Stern.

piers morgan

Conspiracy Theorist And Gun Nut Alex Jones Loses His Sh*t On 'Piers Morgan'

By | 170 Comments

Alex Jones, who believes the government is behind 9/11, blames killing sprees on the drug industry, and claims the media is protecting their top sponsor.


Alex Jones deserves a meme too

By | 17 Comments

With all the hubbub about Charlie Sheen -- it's impossible not to parody, and I'm more guilty than anyone -- I thought it was important, in discussing his four-dimensional yacht seen by only the gnarliest of gnarlingtons (which killed his TV show and the jobs of the entire crew), to also remember the scummy butthole who was egging him on the whole time.

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