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It Has Been 525 Days Since Alex Rodriguez’s Last At Bat, And The World Is A Different Place


From the day he was born to his most recent at bat, a lot of stuff has happened during A-Rod's life and baseball career.

alex rodriguez

‘He’s Learned Nothing': The Yankees Are Mad At Alex Rodriguez Again


His major offensive this time? Showing up to spring training early.


Frank Caliendo Reads A-Rod’s Apology Letter In The Voice Of Morgan Freeman

Alex Rodriguez's apology letter to the Yankees and their fans made the rounds on social media on Tuesday.

alex rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez Had An Interesting Way Of “Sending A Message” To His Cousin


Alex Rodriguez Had An Interesting Way To "Send A Message" To His Cousin

alex rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez Used An Interesting Technique To Beat MLB’s Drug Testing Program


In a report that will shock virtually no person anywhere, New York Yankees 3rd baseman Alex Rodriguez allegedly admitted to the DEA that he indeed took performance-enhancing drugs provided to him by Biogenesis between 2010 and 2012.


Funny Or Die’s ‘RE2PECT’ Parody For Alex Rodriguez Is A Grand Slam

Whereas Derek Jeter's 'RE2PECT' tribute gave baseball fans the chills, this Alex Rodriguez 'F13K YOU' parody will make us all laugh.


How Smart Are Your Celebs? The SAT Scores Are In And They’ll Surprise You.


See how you match up intelligence wise to all of your favorite celebrities. They're either really smart, or have great publicists.


Here’s Frank Thomas With A HOT TAKE On Alex Rodriguez’s Hall Of Fame Chances

Hall of Famer and new Fox Sports 1 baseball analyst Frank Thomas shared his brief thoughts on whether or not Alex Rodriguez will make the Hall of Fame.


Stephen Colbert Defended A-Rod’s Alleged Drug Use On ‘The Sports Report’

On last night's 'Colbert Report,' Stephen Colbert defended Alex Rodriguez's alleged PED use in his typically hilarious fashion.


Alex Rodriguez Has Been Suspended For The Entire 2014 Season


The final ruling on the Alex Rodriguez suspension has been handed down and it is the largest in MLB history.


Alex Rodriguez’s Deal For A Tell-All Book About His Feud With MLB? ‘Totally Fake’

A new report claims that Alex Rodriguez's supposed tell-all book deal for $5 million was totally made up.


Nobody Wants To Eat Lunch With Alex Rodriguez, Not Even For Charity


In what is perhaps a testament to his dwindling popularity, a lunch with Alex Rodriguez currently has zero bids for David Ortiz's Children's Fund auction.


Watch A Detroit TV Station Mistake Alex Rodriguez For Nelson Mandela


Nelson Mandela passed away. A-Rod did not. Wishful thinking, Detroit?


Keith Olbermann Translates Alex Rodriguez And His Effing Bull-Bleep


Keith Olbermann "translated" Alex Rodriguez's arbitration hearing tirade and more or less explained why he's FUBAR. Effing bull-bleep!


Alex Rodriguez’s Supporters Would Like Donations To Help Them Keep Protesting ‘Injustice’


While Alex Rodriguez's supporters in Hispanics Across America deny that he has paid them, they're now asking for donations to keep fighting "injustice."


Someone Held A Candlelight Vigil For Alex Rodriguez Because This World Is Doomed

Supporters and fans of suspended New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez held a candlelight vigil to support his ongoing appeal.


Jon Bones Jones Threw Out The First Pitch Before A Blue Jays Game, Kicked A Bird In The Stomach

Jon Bones Jones helped promote the upcoming UFC 165 by throwing out the first pitch before a Blue Jays/Yankees game in Toronto. Also, he attacked the mascot

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With Leather’s Watch This: LeBron James Got A Police Escort To The Jay Z Concert


Last week, LeBron James attended the Dwayne Wade Fantasy Basketball Camp in South Florida with comedian Kevin Hart (and other celebrities, I’m sure) and the reason I’m bringing this up is because there probably isn’t much about the self-proclaimed King’s life that us average folk wouldn’t consider to be a fantasy.

#LeBron James

LeBron James Discusses His Plans Next Summer With Robin Roberts On “Good Morning America”

During ESPN's ESPY awards last month, LeBron James introduced "Good Morning America" host, Robin Roberts, and escorted her to the stage where accepted the Arthur Ashe Award for courage.

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