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Alex Trebek Has Gone Insane

Alex Trebek Finally Gets His Revenge Against Conan With A Silly Taste Of His Own Medicine

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Alex Trebek has been in the crosshairs on 'Conan' for a while now and finally decided to clear the air by coming in person to dish out sweet revenge.


‘Jeopardy!’ Kids’ Week Contestant Says He Was Cheated By Alex Trebek And The Judges

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The 'Jeopardy!' Kids' Week contestant who spelled his Final Jeopardy answer incorrectly says he was "cheated" by the show's judges.

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A Kentucky 7th Grader Set The All-Time Record For ‘Jeopardy! Kids Week’ Last Night

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A 7th grader named Skyler Hornback set the all-time Kids Week record on Jeopardy! tonight with a $66,600 single-show victory.

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TV GIFs Of The Week (And The Best Of 'SNL's 'Celebrity Jeopardy')

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The best TV GIFs of the week, including "Archer" and "The Americans," as well as a collection of the best "Celebrity Jeopardy" GIFs from "SNL."

Matt Lauer May Replace Alex Trebek on 'Jeopardy' (And The Morning Links)

By | 8 Comments

Nobody likes Matt Lauer anymore, which would make him perfect on 'Jeopardy,' where no one cares if you're a raging dick.

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COUNTERPOINT: Long Live The 'Jeopardy!' Teen Tournament

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Last night on the Jeopardy Teen Tournament, all three contestants finished with zero dollars and tied for last. It was amazing.

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Death To The 'Jeopardy!' Teen Tournament

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Last night's Jeopardy Teen Tournament featured a "Call Me Maybe" inspired board and Alex Trebek doing the "Gangnam Style" dance. No thanks.

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Last Night’s ‘Jeopardy’ Chit Chats Got Dark

By | 29 Comments

During last night's episode of 'Jeopardy,' a contestant told a story with an incredibly dark ending. Stay awkward forever, chit chat segment.


Alex Trebek Discovers Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's Love Of Vintage Porn

By | 8 Comments

In the most embarrassing moment to happen to him since he <a href="" target="_blank">tried to teach Jesse Katsopolis how to play basketball</a>, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was scolded by 'Jeopardy.

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Jeopardy! Contestant Is Probably A Lady In The Street But A Freak In The Bed


I'll give you one guess as to what the answer given to this was.

alex trebek

What Is ‘Awesome?’

By | 3 Comments

Listening to Alex Trebek's words wash over a college football game just feels magical.

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I’ll Take Your Mother for $400, Alex

By | 5 Comments

I apologize that we only have buttcam footage of this monumental moment in game show history, but this must be seen by all: "YOUR MOMMA.


Alex Trebek: ‘Tinkerbell! … F-ck ‘Em’

By | 6 Comments

Here's a collection of clips from 1990 that show Alex Trebek recording promos for Phone Jeopardy, a 900-number service that allowed people to play the game from home.

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