Things We Would Do If We Were ‘The Last Man On Earth,’ Ranked

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Ranking Will Forte's activities in "The Last Man of Earth" pilot, from least to most we'd want to do that.

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The Rock, Earthquakes, And Alexandra Daddario In The First Trailer For ‘San Andreas’

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The Rock fights the Earthquakes that rumble Alexandra Daddario's boobs.


Mr. Skin’s Top Nude Scenes Of 2014 And Worst Puns

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Just to save you some time, Alexandra Daddario is number one because duh.


Alexandra Daddario Compared What She’s Like In Sexy Magazine Shoots Vs. Real Life

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Alexandra Daddario wants you to know that the version of herself you see in magazines is very different than what she's like in real life.

Jessica Jones

Marvel Has A Casting Wishlist For ‘Luke Cage’ And ‘Jessica Jones’ With Some Familiar Names On It

By | 24 Comments

After months of silence about non-'Daredevil' Netflix/Marvel TV news, a new report indicates that casting may be underway.


How To Get Your Fix Of Alexandra Daddario This Halloween

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IT'S BEEN AWHILE since we've seen Alexandra Daddario. Here's where to find her this Halloween.

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Is Eve Hewson, The Daughter Of U2’s Bono, The Next Alexandra Daddario?

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Young, talented, attractive, and on the best cable drama since 'True Detective,' Eve Hewson should be the next big TV actress.


Alexandra Daddario Dropped This Amazing Tweet About The Nude Photo Scandal

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The Emmys do not award someone for "most paused scene of the year", but if they did I have no doubt Alexandra Daddario wins in a landslide for True Detective.


Here Are The 15 Greatest Nude Scenes Of All-Time, According To Mr. Skin

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How many of the greatest celebrity nude scenes of all-time have you seen? J/K you've seen them all.


Alexandra Daddario Is Talking About Her ‘True Detective’ Nude Scene Again

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Alexandra Daddario is going to keep talking about her "True Detective" nude scene, and we're going to keep listening.


Maxim’s 2014 Hot 100 Is One Big LIE

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Um, we think Maxim forgot to put someone at #1 on their Hot 100 list.


Patton Oswalt ‘Pitched’ An Action Movie Idea To The Rock On Twitter

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The Rock and Patton Oswalt should be Hollywood's next buddy action duo with the amazing idea for 'Pecs & Chubbs: Detroit Takedown.'


Mr. Skin Has Essentially Named The Best Sex Scene Of 2014 Already, And He’s Not Wrong

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Who does Mr. Skin give the nod to in the race for best nude scene of 2014?


How To Get With Alexandra Daddario, As Demonstrated By GIFs From 'New Girl'

By | 30 Comments

A look back at Alexandra Daddario's guest spot on 'New Girl'


Alexandra Daddario’s Reaction To Obama Watching ‘True Detective’ Is Just Perfect

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President Obama is watching "True Detective." Alexandra Daddario knows exactly what this means.


Alexandra Daddario Furthers ‘New Girl’ Case For The Most Attractive Cast On TV

By | 21 Comments

Alexandra Daddario will play the "hot girl" on "New Girl," obviously.


HBO Is Officially Committed To ‘True Detective,’ So What Can We Expect For The Future Of The Show?

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HBO has signed a new deal with Nic Pizzolatto, creator of 'True Detective,' so it could be interesting to wonder where the show will go after this season.

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