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Patrice Wilson’s Latest Music Video Production Crosses Just About Every Line

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Patrice Wilson is back with another pop music video production for Alison Gold's 'Shush,' but this one is not even remotely funny or cute.


The Alison Gold “Chinese Food” yelling goat remix is EVERYTHING

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I'm always baffled at the amount of legitimate hate people seem to have for Ark Music Factory products like Rebecca Black, Nicole Westbrook, and now Alison Gold.

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Alison Gold’s “Chinese Food” Is The New Rebecca Black “Friday” But Even Worse

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Either Jimmy Kimmel's up to his old tricks, we're being musically Catfish'ed or something.

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The Genius Behind ‘Friday’ Is Back With His Creepiest Music Video Yet

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Oh good. Patrice Wilson is hanging around with little kids again in "Chinese Food."

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