Rum And Rom-Coms: Remembering The Pre-McConaughssaince McConaughey In ‘The Wedding Planner’

By | 12 Comments

This edition of Rum and Rom-Coms features Alison Stevenson getting drunk while watching 'The Wedding Planner', starring Jennifer Lopez and Matthew McConaughey.


Frotcast 221: We Rate D*ck Pics Men Have Sent Alison Stevenson

By | 34 Comments

Alison Stevenson joins the FilmDrunk frotcast as we rate her creepiest online dating messages and best dick pics.


Rum And Rom-Coms With Alison Stevenson: ‘What Women Want’

By | 36 Comments

Alison Stevenson bravely sets out to discover how much booze it takes to finish the Mel Gibson classic, 'What Women Want.'


Frotcast 208: Laremy Reads Mean Comments, Alison Reads Bad Tinder Texts

By | 22 Comments

Laremy reads your meanest comments about him and reviews 'Jersey Boys,' while Alison Stevenson talks 'Obvious Child' and reads her creepiest Tinder messages.


‘Obvious Child’ Is The ‘Inside Llewyn Davis’ Of Abortion Films

By | 28 Comments

We got our own stand-up comedian Alison Stevenson to review 'Obvious Child,' starring Jenny Slate as a stand-up comedian (who has an abortion!).


A Magical Crab Teaches Sarah Michelle Gellar To Love In ‘Simply Irresistible’ (Rum And Rom-Coms)

By | 32 Comments

In the latest Rum and Rom-Coms, Alison Stevenson drunk watches Simply Irresistible, about Sarah Michelle Gellar and a magical love crab.


Rum And Rom-Coms: A Belated Valentine’s Day With ‘Valentine’s Day’

By | 35 Comments

"Jessica Alba is too business to be a wife," and other things Alison Stevenson learned while getting drunk by herself and watching 'Valentine's Day' on Valentine's Day, in the latest installment of of Rum and Rom-Coms.


Frotcast: Best of the Frotcast 2013!

By | 18 Comments

Celebrate all your favorite FilmDrunk Frotcast segments with the Best of 2013 Frotcast. Remember when Matt Lieb discovered quicksand porn?


Rum and Rom-Coms With Alison Stevenson: ‘A Holiday Engagement’

By | 22 Comments

Alison Stevenson takes us with her on a holiday-related journey to answer the question, "How much Jim Beam does it take to get through the Hallmark Channel's 'A Holiday Engagement'?"


Frotcast 178: Alison Stevenson, Man of Steel, BDSM Seminars

By | 11 Comments

This week on the FilmDrunk Frotcast, we bring on Alison Stevenson, she of Vice and FilmDrunk's award-winning "Rum and Rom-Coms" feature fame, to talk about her "financial dominatrix" seminar and other stuff too.


Kanye West Asks Hollywood to Make Him the New Batman (Alison’s Corner)

By | 24 Comments

So here is an open letter from Kanye West asking Hollywood to make him the new Batman.


Writer’s Room: Scenes We Never Want to See Again

By | 196 Comments

Do you ever go to the movies and find yourself immersed in a story, when all of a sudden a dumb scene happens and drags you out of your cocoon of fiction by your pant leg.


Frances Blah: Quirky Girl Crap I Am Sick Of, A Brief List

By | 67 Comments

Alison Stevenson has seen a lot of indie movies lately, and she's sick to death of certain aspects of the ever-popular "quirky girl" character.


Fantasy Corner: Matthew McConaughey & Keanu Reeves Have An Encounter in the Park

By | 23 Comments

FilmDrunk readers, we're usually pretty factual around here, so I hope you'll enjoy this break from reading the news.


Alison’s Stevenson’s Movie Pitches, Volume 1

By | 26 Comments

Movie Ideas For Hollywood To Make Movies With As you might already know, I drink a lot of alcohol and have a lot of brilliant ideas while doing so.


The Alison Stevenson Guide to Date Movies

By | 64 Comments

Inviting someone over to watch a movie with you is pretty much universal code for “let's have sex, but pretend that was not the intention for tonight so we don't feel so morally perverse.

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