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Andre 3000 Is Jimi Hendrix In The Trailer For ‘All Is By My Side’

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Andre 3000 channels Jimi Hendrix for the biopic 'All Is By My Side'

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Here Are The First Clips Of Andre 3000 As Jimi Hendrix In ‘All Is By My Side’

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The first two clips from 'All Is By My Side' reveal Andre 3000's portrayal of Jimi Hendrix in the early days of his career.


Jimi Hendrix Jormp-Jomp Biopic to Use Cover Songs

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A while back I told you about that Jimi Hendrix biopic starring Andre 3000, All is By My Side, directed by John Ridley, the interesting thing about which was that the Hendrix estate wasn't giving the filmmakers permission to use any of Jimi Hendrix's music - much like Jenna's fictional Janis Joplin biopic on 30 Rock, Jackie Jormp-Jomp.

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