#LeBron James

Matthew Dellavedova Throws An Incredibly Lucky Alley-Oop To LeBron James

Matthew Dellavedova is very lucky that LeBron James is on his team.


Another Game, Another Ridiculous Chris Paul To DeAndre Jordan Alley-Oop

DeAndre Jordan took out all of his "hack-a" frustrations out on the rim, with an assist from Chris Paul.

#Dwight Howard

The Old Dwight Howard Is Back, And This Alley-Oop Proves It

Dwight Howard reminds everyone he's healthy again with this alley-oop.


Russell Westbrook Puts His Own Teammate On A Poster

Get out of the way, Enes Kanter. Russell Westbrook is dunking.

#LeBron James

LeBron James Is Already In Postseason Form

In tonight's preseason game against the Washington Wizards, Miami Heat superstar LeBron James opened up with a one-handed alley oop dunk.


Clip Of The Day: Pool Alley-Oop Dunks With Trampolines

We've all tried dunking the ball through a floating hoop after jumping off the diving board.


Watch Blake Griffin Detonate a Crazy One-Hand Alley-Oop on the Knicks

If you watched the Clippers and Knicks on National TV yesterday you know that L.


Video: Jamal Crawford’s Incredible Alley-Oop to DeAndre Jordan

"Incredible" is a good place to start with this.


Amazing Damian Lillard Alley Oop to Meyers Leonard

From last night's NBA action, watch super rookie Damian Lillard push the fast break and toss a great alley oop to a streaking Meyers Leonard over the outstretched hands of Jeremy Lin.


Video: Garnett Turns Back The Clock With Alley-Oop Dunk From Rajon Rondo

Kevin Garnett hasn't been known as "The Kid" since the late 90s, but KG reached back in both a literal and metaphorical sense to coral this Rajon Rondo lob pass.


Video: Kyle Singler’s Amazing Block Kills A Kings Fast Break Alley-Oop

After spending last season playing overseas, Kyle Singler is back in the NBA and providing valuable, much-needed minutes and production for a Pistons team that is struggling mightily to start the season.


Video: DeMar DeRozan Catches A Massive Alley-Oop From Kyle Lowry

Despite the loss in the closing seconds last night, I'd say DeMar DeRozan had a pretty good day yesterday.


Clip Of The Day: Jonas Valanciunas Throws Down An Off-The-Backboard Alley-Oop Facial

Lithuania played Iceland in a pre-Olympics exhibition on Tuesday, with Lithuania stomping all over the global northerners by a score of 101-51.


The Best Dream Team Alley-Oop. Ever.


Written by Chris "Preach" Smith Redemption truly began at 9:28 of the second quarter of today's basketball showdown between the United States and Greece.

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