The Alligator Who Ate A Man Last Week Has Been Killed By A Local Hunter


Game wardens cut the animal open and found Woodward's remains inside confirming that it had, in fact, been the same gator.


‘F*ck That Alligator,’ Said A Texas Man Shortly Before Being Killed By An Alligator

'F*ck the alligators' were the last words of 28-year-old Tommie Woodward, just before jumping into alligator-infested waters.


This Raccoon Allegedly Riding An Alligator Is The Real-Life Rocket Raccoon

You don't see that everyday. No, seriously. You. Don't. See. That. Every. Day.

Crocodile Attacks

Poor Crocodile Is Probably Starving Because It Keeps Forgetting To Chomp

This poor crocodile is never going to get dinner if it doesn't learn how to chomp.


A Nine-Year-Old Florida Boy Fought A 500-Pound Alligator…And Won


You're not a Florida resident until you've fought your first alligator.

selfie gone wrong

Here’s An Alligator Interrupting A Biker Trying To Take A Selfie On A Swamp Road


This alligator teaches a stiff lesson on not taking a selfie while riding your bicycle.


A Florida Man Proposed To His Girlfriend At Gatorland With Help From A Baby Alligator


Nothing says romance quite like asking your alligator-loving girlfriend to marry you by giving her a ring tied to a baby gator.


Here’s A Crocodile Wrapped In Bacon And Stuffed With A Roasted Chicken


Supposedly from Australia, this incredible grilling monstrosity will get every bacon-lover on Earth drooling and/or cowering.

viral video

House Cat vs. Alligator

A confident New Orleans house cat attempts to do battle with an alligator.


Florida Friday: Police find gator in drug dealer’s hot tub, dealer: “He was there when I moved in.”


I'm sure "gator in the tub" is some sort of Florida slang, perhaps swamp talk for having a "bee in your bonnet," or "sharpest tool in the shed," but last week it was also literal for a drug dealer in Treasure Coast, Florida.


Florida Friday: A Man Was Attacked By An Alligator While Running From The Cops


The fun thing about selecting the subject of each installment of Florida Friday is that just as I’m about to start writing about one story, another story comes along and blows that out of the water.


Holy Sh*t, Three Legged Alligators Are Terrorizing The Zurich Classic


I am going to say this one more time, calmly: holy shit you guys, three legged alligators are terrorizing the Zurich Classic.


Three-Legged Alligator Crosses Fairway During Golf Tournament

Players had to deal with an unexpected hazard during the opening round of the 2013 Zurich Classic of New Orleans.


Alligator Steals Fish From Little Girl

A daddy-daughter fishing trip takes an unexpected turn when a gator shows up.


Alligators a Splash at Children’s Pool Parties

The latest pool party trend in Florida.


Darnell Dockett Needs a Hobby

Arizona Cardinals defensive lineman Darnell Dockett is starting to represent his own branch of Darwinism.


10-Year Old Captures 6-Foot Alligator, Rides It Home


Here is the first national news story in the life of our future President: 10-year-old Michael Dasher of Rockledge, Florida, said he was fishing with his friends from the side of a canal when he accidentally snagged a six-foot alligator.

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