Fox Is Bringing ‘Precogs’ Back With A Pilot Order For A Series Based On ‘Minority Report’

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Fox has made a pilot order for a 'Minority Report' sequel series that will take place 10 years after the Spielberg film.


‘Almost Human’ Fans Step Up Their Campaign For A Second Season

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There are now templates and postcards and actual real people to complain to about wanting the show un-canceled.

you canceled my robot show you jerks

FOX Cancels ‘Almost Human’, Ruins Our Entire Day

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I think we all knew this was coming, but I'm going to be pissed off about it for at least two more years.


The 12 Network Shows Most Likely To Be Cancelled

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Cancellation Watch: A quick look at the network shows most unlikely to make it back next fall.


Your MMA On TV Wrap-Up: Gina Carano Is A Fishnets Robot

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We take a look at recent TV appearances for your favorite current and former MMA stars, including Gina Carano in her underpants on 'Almost Human.'

#brooklyn nine nine

The Winners And Losers Among The Fall’s New Network Shows Based On Their Nielsen Ratings

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How did the new fall shows hold up over the course of the season? With two exceptions, not very well, according to their Nielsen ratings.


‘Almost Human’ Is Almost Watchable

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'Almost Human' could be a great SF series... but it needs to figure out if it wants to be one.


Weekend Update: That Sitcom You Love But Totally Forgot About Comes Back Tonight

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'Raising Hope' returns with its fourth season premiere, and J.J. Abrams' 'Almost Human' makes its series premiere.

Sci Fi

‘Almost Human’ Looks Almost Good

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Here's the trailer for 'Almost Human', starring Karl Urban as a cop who hates robots and Michael Ealy as, of course, his newly-assigned robot partner.


Fun, Gory Trailer: ‘Almost Human’ Will Debut At The Toronto International Film Festival

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The Toronto International Film Festival has been the debut venue for such critically-acclaimed films as Ray, American Beauty and The Wrestler, and this year’s scheduled films certainly won’t buck that trend.

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