Amanda Bynes “burst into tears when she attempted a cartwheel and her wig fell off”

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I haven't been covering Amanda Bynes' ongoing meltdown, what with her wanting Drake to destroy her vagina and whatnot, but it's hard to ignore that it's beginning to take on Joaquin-Phoenix-performance-art-level proportions.


Memo To Drake: Amanda Bynes Want You To “Murder Her Vagina”

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Actress Amanda Bynes set Twitter on fire last night when she tweeted that she wanted Drake to "murder her vagina." This isn't the first time the thirsty actress has tried to get at the Champagne Papi.


An Actual Amanda Bynes Tweet: ‘I Want @Drake To Murder My Vagina’

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Amanda Bynes is not afraid of using Twitter to ask for things she wants. And the thing she want's now is Drake's dong, apparently.


Amanda & Lindsay


Amanda Bynes and Lindsay Lohan are doing it their way.

Lindsay Lohan

Drunk Drivers Ed


Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes team up to teach the dangers of the road.

pot kettle black

Terrible Star Of 'Herbie: Fully Loaded' Bashes Fellow Terrible Person On Twitter

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Linday Lohan called out "Nickelodeon star" Amanda Bynes over Twitter for receiving no punishment from the law.

#Jay Z

8.22 The Cooler

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Viantha Foxx The RIAA Appears To Be Dying [Digital Trends] ‘Sparkle’ Has $12 Million Opening Weekend [C+D] Cash Money' Ronald "Slim" Williams Buys Largest House In South Florida [Hip-Hop Wired] Nike Air Penny 5 “Invisibility Cloak” New Images [TSG] Autopsy Shows Man Shot Himself While [...].


Amanda Bynes Tweets To Obama: 'Please Fire The Cop Who Arrested Me'

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Although I've been aware of her name for years, I have had, up until this point, absolutely no idea who Amanda Bynes is (I always get her confused with Ashley Tisdale, for some reason) other than that she's apparently a somewhat trainwreck-y former child star -- Lindsay Lohan Lite, if you will -- who was recently arrested on DUI charges.


Me talking about dogs who play piano

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Here's my latest clip for IFC on the subject of Cool Dog.

The Boys

Afternoon News Round Up

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That dude who does long movie reviews did a long review of Baby's Day Out for some reason.

amanda bynes

Amanda Bynes retires from acting to focus on banging black guys

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(Bynes pretends to be happy to see herself) Amanda Bynes always seemed like she had a cute, positive energy that didn't feel contrived, which is pretty important in a young actress.

michel gondry


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This video implying Michel Gondry's Be Kind Rewind stole its premise from an old Amanda Bynes sketch has been floating around the interwebs.

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