suicide squad

Rumor: There’s A Very Special Item In Amanda Waller’s Trophy Case In ‘Suicide Squad’


According to a new rumor, there may be something rather important to the DCCU handing out in Amanda Waller's trophy case in Suicide Squad.

suicide squad

Viola Davis Reportedly Cast In ‘Suicide Squad’


Viola Davis might be taking command of the Suicide Squad... if she can fit it around her TV schedule.

suicide squad

So, Who’s Joining The Big-Screen Suicide Squad?


We know that the movie's coming... so who's signing on to fight on the 'Suicide Squad?'


A Compendium of Cool Comics Cosplay: August 24th

It's time once again for our Friday comics cosplay feature, casting the spotlight on the best comics related costumery from the cosplay community.


A Compendium of Cool Comics Cosplay: November 4th

Welcome to Gamma Squad's regular Friday comic book cosplay feature, spotlighting the best superhero (and villain) related costuming from the cosplay community.

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