Santa Stops The Grinch From Stealing Christmas With A Belly-To-Belly Suplex

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Santa Claus takes on the Grinch with all of Christmas at stake. WHO WINS THIS EPIC CLASH?


Watch the Best Single Leg Takedown Defense EVER

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If somebody grabs you by the leg, try to do this. If somebody tries to FLYING SQUIRREL you, try to do this. Best single leg defense ever.


A Georgia High Schooler Wrestled A Kid With Down Syndrome And Became Our New Hero

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A Georgia high school wrestling star faced off against a competitor with Down Syndrome, won a sportsmanship award and became my personal hero.


Chael Sonnen & Iron Sheik, Together At Last

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Remember back in February when the International Olympic Committee decided to remove amateur wrestling from the Olympics, and the only people of note who stood up to oppose them about it where Chael Sonnen and The Iron Sheik.


Sports On TV: 15 More Great Sports Moments From Saved By The Bell

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The very first show featured in our Sports On TV column was 'Saved By The Bell,' and with good reason.


RIP Reid Flair, 1989 – 2013

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Here's some tragic news I never expected to have to report: Reid Flair, the 24-year old son of legendary wrestling champion "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair, has passed away at the age of 24.


Dana White Isn’t Surprised At All That The Olympics Booted Wrestling

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By now you’re probably aware that the International Olympics Committee – long known for being a bastion of integrity and morality – has decided to do away with amateur wrestling as a Summer Olympic event.


It’s Wrasslin’ But With More Jesus

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As a founding member of the Church of Blake Lively’s Chest, I’m a man who doesn’t like to talk too much about religion since it’s such a polarizing subject.

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