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Scarfield will be playing Spider-Man until he’s 35, according to Sony

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Sony recently announced that in addition to The Amazing Spider-Man 2 hitting theaters in May 2014, we can expect to see The Amazing Spider-Man 3 June 10, 2016 and The Amazing Spider-Man 4 May 4, 2018, a few months shy of star Andrew Garfield's 35th birthday (Tobey Maguire was 32 when Spider-Man 3 was released).


Bad Lip Reading: The Amazing Spider-Man

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The Amazing Spider-Man was basically the same movie as Sam Raimi's Spider-Man, only much worse, yet some people still liked it because of the new cast.


‘Amazing Spider-Man’ #700, Summed Up With A Clip From ‘The League’

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'Amazing Spider-Man' #700 can be summed up in eighteen seconds.


Amazing Spider-Man Blu-Ray Full Of Hints About The Sequel, Apparently

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Spider-Man will be facing the Rhino and somebody in yellow pants.

Amazing Spider-Man

Jamie Foxx May Join The Next Spider-Man Movie As… Electro?!

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Apparently the next Spider-Man movie needs some Oscar-winning talent.


Marvel To Squash ‘Amazing Spider-Man’

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Marvel Comics: History Doesn't Sell


Review: The Amazing Spider-Man

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This is part one of a series, the best and worst movie of the summer so far.

Amazing Spider-Man

FROTCAST 107: The Newsroom, Spider-Man, Magic Mike, and your dating site emails with Brad Brevet

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Listen on the player above, or <a href="" target="_blank">download this week's episode as an mp3 here</a> (right-click, "save as.

Amazing Spider-Man

5 Reasons It's Worth Retelling Spider-Man's Origin

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An ongoing theme this week is apparently going to be that we just saw Spidey's origins on screen ten years ago, so why do we need to see it again.

and it's good

The Early "Amazing Spider-Man" Reviews Are In, and They're Good

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After <a href="">hearing about Sony hating "The Amazing Spider-Man"</a>, it became clear one of two things had happened: either Marc Webb had bombed, or he'd made a movie that was actually worth watching but wasn't as "commercial" as Sony had hoped, because it focused on that whole "insecure teenager" thing that execs would like to cut out of the franchise so they could hire somebody in their forties who plays well in Thailand.


This Week in Posters & Stills: Dark Knights Will Rise, Lizards Gonna Lizard

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Kicking off a super-sized edition of this week's This Week in Posters is the newest batch of Dark Knight Rises posters.

Amazing Spider-Man

New Spider-Man Trailer: Spider-Man as an A-holey New Yorker

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Sony just released a new trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man, the movie <a href="" target="_blank">they supposedly hate</a>.

Amazing Spider-Man

This Week in Posters: Charlize's Sassy Gay Crow, Kevin Spacey is a Chinese Superhero

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I'm sure the poster designer for this was excited about his super clever idea - "the crow will be her mask, like an optical illusion.


Director of Bridesmaids wrote a scene for The Amazing Spider-Man

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The Amazing Spider-Man opens July 3rd, with Sony promising it will tell "<a href="" target="_blank">the untold story</a>" of Spider Man, which will totally be different than the origin story they already told in Spider-Man and has nothing to do with Sony not wanting the rights to revert to Marvel, we swear you guys, like seriously.

Amazing Spider-Man

The new Spider-Man looks like a giraffe, wears track shoes

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Sony just released a new batch of character images from Marc Webb's The Amazing Spider-Man on their official website, and I think I speak for everyone when I say SWEET MOTHER OF PISS, GET A LOAD OF THAT KID'S NECK.


“Amazing Spider-Man” Sneak Peek Screening…Nowhere Near You


Sony Pictures, in order to drum up interest for their movie starring the obscure comic book character Spider Man, will be running a sizzle reel across the world on February 7th.


Amazing Spider-Man Official Synopsis: ‘We thwear itth totally different, you guyth, theriouthlay’

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Official synopses usually aren't the most interesting thing in the world, but considering The Amazing Spider-Man, from director Marc Webb and <a href="" target="_blank">Scarfield</a>, basically tells the same origin story that the Raimi/Tobey Maguire movie did a few years ago, and still had the balls to tag the poster "<a href="" target="_blank">THE UNTOLD STORY</a>," I thought it'd be interesting to see how they tried to spin the synopsis.


“Amazing Spider-Man” Toys Accidentally Reveal a Plot Point?

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<a href="" rel="attachment wp-att-53919"></a>We all know that even though comic book movies have become much more serious and respected, there will still be lots of ridiculous toys, and with those ridiculous toys will come spoilers.

cardassians have accidents in paint factories all the time

“Amazing Spider-Man”‘s Lizard Looks…Pretty Bland

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Or: what happens when Voldemort and a Gorn get drunk one night, one thing leads to another, and then a gestation cycle later.

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