‘Archer’s Amber Nash Is Holding A ‘Say Pam Poovey Quotes To Unaware Strangers’ Contest On Twitter

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Tell a stranger to shut their dick holster and you could win Amber Nash's 'Archer' swag.


‘Archer’ Triumphantly Returns To The Spy Game At Comic-Con

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'Archer' took a vacation of sorts in season five, but is going back to the spy business for season six. Time to get excited.


Amber Nash Adorably Signed A Bunch Of Stuff For The Winner Of The Pam Poovey Cosplay Contest

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The autographed picture of Space Pam would almost certainly would fetch six figures on the open market.


The 10 Best #IAmPamPoovey Entries For Amber Nash’s ‘Archer’ Cosplay Contest

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Let's take a look at the best of the Pamdom before Amber awards someone her dolphin.


‘Archer’s’ Amber Nash Is Holding A Pam Poovey Cosplay Contest On Twitter To Win Pam’s Dolphin

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"Pam's of all shapes, sizes, races, genders and commitment levels are highly encouraged. Man Pams are hilarious."


The Best Of Amber Nash’s UPROXX Live Discussion

By | 13 Comments

The best of "Archer" star Amber Nash's chat with UPROXX readers.


UPROXX Live Q&A With ‘Archer’s’ Amber Nash

By | 300 Comments

Discussion will begin at 2PM ET. Thread opens up thirty minutes prior. Splooshes all around.


7 Facts You Might Not Know About the Cast of 'Archer'

By | 34 Comments

Now in its third season, Adam Reed's spy spoof "Archer" has quickly risen to become easily the best animated sitcom on television, and arguably one of the best sitcoms on television period.

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