AMC Is Ditching Almost All Of Its Unscripted And Reality Programming

By | 31 Comments

AMC has decided to refocus on their scripted television, giving the boot to almost all of their reality programming.

#The Walking Dead

Get To The Bottom Of What That Smell Is In Part Two Of ‘The Walking Dead’ Bad Lip Reading

By | 3 Comments

Lizzie gets possessed, Carl is definitely going to smoke weed, and everyone is trying to smell each other.

#The Walking Dead

‘The Walking Dead’ Will Be Back For A Sixth Season Next Year

By | 5 Comments

Unsurprisingly, AMC has renewed 'The Walking Dead', but can the show make it to a 12th season?

#The Walking Dead

Now U2 Is Also Whoring Itself Out For ‘The Walking Dead’

By | 27 Comments

U2's latest music videos are promos for 'The Walking Dead,' because U2 insists on omnipresence.


This Bizarre ‘Better Call Saul’ Music Video Is Our First Extended Look At AMC’s ‘Breaking Bad’ Spinoff

By | 6 Comments

"Better Call Saul" premieres on AMC in February. Until then, here's a weird music video.


Here’s Your Latest Ten Second Glimpse At ‘Better Call Saul’


AMC is seemingly hellbent on releasing the slightest glimpse at 'Better Call Saul' every Sunday night.


Seth Rogen Is Hiring Directors For ‘Preacher’ On Twitter

By | 18 Comments

They're still working on the pilot, but Seth Rogen is already hiring directors for 'Preacher.'

#The Walking Dead

The Creator Of ‘The Walking Dead’ Knows Exactly How The Series Will End

By | 6 Comments

The creator of "The Walking Dead" comics, Robert Kirkman, says he knows exactly how the series will end, he just doesn't know when.

#The Walking Dead

The New ‘Walking Dead’ Trailer Suggests A Main Character Doesn’t Have Much Time Left

By | 11 Comments

Will a fan favorite character make it through season five of "The Walking Dead" alive?

#The Walking Dead

AMC Decides To Remedy Their Ratings Woes With More ‘The Walking Dead’

By | 13 Comments

AMC has decided to pull the trigger on a spin-off to 'The Walking Dead,' offering few details for us all to speculate over.

#Mad Men

Matthew Weiner: ‘Mad Men’ On HBO Would Have Meant A Lot More ‘Nakedness and Violence’

By | 12 Comments

Matthew Weiner did a Reddit AMA and revealed what "Mad Men" would have looked like on HBO.

#Mad Men

Matthew Weiner Is Ready For Your Mixed Reviews Of The ‘Mad Men’ Finale, You Jerks

By | 6 Comments

Matthew Weiner told Esquire what he expects from the "Mad Men" finale and what he stole from the set when shooting wrapped.

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