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AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’ Prank Scares The Sh*t Out Of New Yorkers

By | 7 Comments

How do New Yorkers react to zombie infested hands reaching out at them from beneath the sidewalks?


10 Pressing Questions Going Into The Mid-Season Premiere Of ‘The Walking Dead’

By | 30 Comments

What can we expect from the second half of the fourth season of 'The Walking Dead'?


New Trailer For Season 4B Of ‘The Walking Dead’: Rick Still Looks Like Hell, Zombies Still Dying, Etc.

By | 7 Comments

Okay, but where the hell is that snake Daryl had in the last one? WE DEMAND ANSWERS.


There’s Trouble On The Way In The New ‘Walking Dead’ Season 4 Trailer

By | 16 Comments

There's trouble on the way, and his name is COORRRRRAAAAALLLLL.

AMC Has Announced Premiere Dates For ‘Mad Men’ And ‘Better Call Saul,’ So Plan Life Accordingly

By | 12 Comments

We now know when 'Mad Men' and 'Better Call Saul' will be occupying our television screens this season.


‘The Walking Dead’ Has A Season 4B Poster And Four New Teasers

By | 4 Comments

Carl and Rick are on some train tracks. Do with that information what you will.


‘Better Call Saul’ Update: Could Debut Next Year, May Feature More Courtroom Action

By | 10 Comments

A quick update on the progress of AMC's "Breaking Bad" spinoff, "Better Call Saul."


AMC May Finally Bring ‘Preacher’ To Television And You’ll Never Guess Who Is Behind It

By | 48 Comments

It has been in development Hell for years, but rumors are swirling that AMC is going to bring "Preacher" to television.


‘The Killing’ Simply Refuses To Die

By | 20 Comments

We wish we could appreciate the irony in a show titled "The Killing" refusing to die, but we just can't.


This Is The Best Fact About The Ratings For ‘The Walking Dead’ You’ll Ever Read

By | 26 Comments

It makes sense when you think about it, but it's still a little crazy.


‘The Walking Dead’ Renewed For A Fifth Season, Scott Gimple To Return As Showrunner

By | 9 Comments

Not exactly a surprise, but hey, more zombie killing always counts as news.


Vince Gilligan Says Piracy Helped ‘Breaking Bad’ Kinda Sorta Etc. Etc. Etc.

By | 29 Comments

In a recent interview, "Breaking Bad" showrunner Vince Gilligan discussed the positive and negative aspects of Internet piracy.

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