John Wall And His Entourage Were Reportedly Kicked Off An Airplane In Las Vegas

Thanks to a member of his entourage getting heated with another passenger. Would you believe this one has a happy ending?


Twitter Saves The Day: American Airlines Will Now Play Better Music Thanks To Complaints


Thanks to customer complaints on Twitter, American Airlines has eliminated Muzak for indie music.

paul thomas anderson

Paul Thomas Anderson Told Everyone American Airlines ‘Will F*cking Lose Your Luggage’


He claimed the sponsor airline "will f*cking lose your luggage" while onstage at the Independent Spirit Awards.


Passenger Booted From Plane After Freaking Out About Everyone Wishing Him A ‘Merry Christmas’


An American Airlines passenger was removed from his flight after freaking out about the staff wishing him a "Merry Christmas."


American Airlines: Alec Baldwin Is An A-Hole

In response to Alec Baldwin's claim that American Airlines kicked him off of a flight for merely playing Words With Friends on his phone after a flight attendant had called for all electronic devices to be powered down, the airline issued a statement this afternoon on Facebook alleging that there was a little more to it than that.

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