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The Absolute Very Worst Movies Of 2012

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After last year’s Worst Movies feature, I received feedback from some readers and Twitter folk about me possibly being “too negative” and “mean” when it came to criticizing films that I chose to watch for this annual hate crime report.


Your Mid-Week Guide To DVD And Streaming: A Fatso Takes A Black Limousine To His American Reunion

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After last week's light DVD load, this week things are beginning to return back to normal.


Things Are Still Going Great For Tara Reid

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Last time we checked in on “actress” Tara Reid and her love life, she was happily married and boasting to the world tabloids about the joy she had found with a man whom she’d only been dating for a few weeks, according to people we’ve never heard of.


Weekend Box Office: Hunger Games 3-peats, James Cameron earns yacht wax money

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It wasn't the most fascinating or surprising weekend at the box office, so I'll keep this brief.


The Feud You Didn't Ask For: Jason Biggs Vs. Jason Russell (the naked Kony guy)

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I guess if you’re going to try to get free press for your first relevant movie in four years, there’s no better way to do it than kicking a naked man while he’s down.


Great Moments In Movie Marketing: American Reunion goes MILF Hunting

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With American Reunion set to be released on April 6, it’s only standard that Universal Pictures would amp up the promotional campaigns to try to milk every last drop out of the franchise’s prostate.


American Reunion has a new new trailer

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Propelled to fame by the massive success of American Pie when they were just youngins, the cast of the original has spent the past 10 years or so going their own way, with levels of success ranging from starring in an Oscar-winning film (Chris Klein, Election; Mena Suvari, American Beauty) to getting evicted from Michael Rapaport's apartment and threatening to f*ck a dog (Natasha Lyonne).

unnecessary sequels

NATASHA LYONNE LIVES! New poster for American Reunion

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There's a new poster for the American Pie reunion movie out, and the big news is that it finally answers the question that's been on everyone's minds: Is Natasha Lyonne still alive.


I feel bad for the actress who plays ‘not-hot girl’ in the new American Reunion trailer

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American Reunion has a new trailer out, and it looks like Stifler is up to his old tricks again.


American Reunion trailer: Still wankin’ after all these years

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The moment you've all been waiting for is finally here.


Today’s Headlines

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Here's the trailer for Act of Valor, from 300 and Man of Steel co-writer Kurt Vonstad and directors Mike McCoy and Scott Waugh.


Tara Reid got paid. …A fraction of everyone else.

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Getting the logistics together to make a new America Pie movie was no easy task for Universal, and I'm sure will one day be the subject of an Entertainment Weekly cover story about how those heroes managed to milk blood from a rightfully dead franchise when all the h8erzz said it would never work.


The American Pie Gang’s All Back Together, Sorta

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Universal has released the first pictures and teaser (which consists of a series of still pictures - watch it below) for American Reunion.

unnecessary sequels

American Pie Reunion poster is super confusing

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Early last year, Universal pulled a Royal Tenenbaum and decided that the original cast of American Pie, after squandering their once-promising careers and flaming out in varying degrees of drug abuse and irrelevancy, would be best served back under one roof to pick up the pieces.

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