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Weekend Box Office: ‘Focus’ Opened Worse Than ‘After Earth,’ WB Blames The Weather

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'Focus' is on track to be Will Smith's lowest-grossing film since 'Bagger Vance.'

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The Defendant In The Murder Of ‘American Sniper’ Author Chris Kyle Has Been Found Guilty

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A jury has returned a guilty verdict against Eddie Ray Routh for his role in the murder of 'American Sniper' inspiration Chris Kyle.

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Here’s Who Would Win Best Picture If The Public Could Vote For The Oscars

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American Sniper, Birdman, and the rest of the Oscar nominees for best picture might have a tougher time if the public decided who won.


While Chris Kyle’s Alleged Killer Claims Insanity, Prosecutors Don’t Want The Death Penalty. In Texas.

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It makes sense with all the media attention and the defendant's insanity plea. Then again, it's Texas, which makes it weird.


Kid Rock On ‘American Sniper': ‘I Was Looking For An Excuse To Tell Michael Moore To Go F*ck Himself’

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Kid Rock fires another salvo against critics of 'American Sniper,' claiming that he's always wanted to take a shot at Michael Moore.

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Meet The Police Chief Who Quoted ‘American Sniper’ In His Non-Apology For A Dead Informant

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And now some A-hole is paraphrasing 'American Sniper' to explain why it's okay that he may have gotten someone killed.

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Bradley Cooper Says The ‘Sniper’ Debate Misses The Whole Point

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2015's biggest war movie apparently has nothing to do with war.

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Weekend Box Office: The Death Rattle Of Found Footage, We Hope?

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'American Sniper' continues to dominate, while a Michael Bay-produced found footage may be the final nail in found footage's coffin.

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Texans Will Now Celebrate Chris Kyle Day On February 2nd To Commemorate The ‘American Sniper’ Hero

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From now on, the state will commemorate Kyle's life and death every year on February 2.


Michael Moore Claims That Clint Eastwood Once Threatened To Kill Him

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Michael Moore recounts the time Clint Eastwood (jokingly?) threatened to shoot and kill him.

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Someone Finally Decided To Get Jesse Ventura’s Opinion On ‘American Sniper’

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Former Governor Jesse Ventura hasn't seen Clint Eastwood's 'American Sniper,' but knows it is about as true as 'Dirty Harry.'

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Seth Rogen Was Banned From A Steakhouse For His ‘American Sniper’ Comments

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Seth Rogen and Michael Moore are no longer welcome in a steakhouse in Michigan.

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REPORT: ‘American Sniper’ Has Led To A Rise In Threats Against Muslims

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The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee wrote a letter to Cooper citing an increase in anti-Muslim hate speech.

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Weekend Box Office: ‘Mortdecai’ Bombed Hard, Earning Less Than A Third Of J.Lo’s Teen Sex Movie

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Johnny Depp's lame mustache movie got beat by J. Lo AND George Lucas, while 'American Sniper' is still making history.


Michael Moore’s Delayed ‘American Sniper’ Response Asks ‘What Would Jesus Do?’

By | 24 Comments

After nearly a week of silence, the documentary filmmaker decided to add more fuel to the 'American Sniper' fire.

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