Watch This Cute 84-Year-Old Man Perform A Hilarious Song About Sex-Gone-Wrong


'America's Got Talent' contestant Ray Jessel performs "What She's Got," a hilarious original song about a sexual snafu.


This 9-Year-Old Piano Prodigy Will Blow The Threads Out Of Your Socks

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Adrian Romoff is 9 years old, and he's already smarter than we are.


Fun Fact About ‘Holland’s Got Talent': Holland’s Also Got Racist Judges

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A judge on "Holland's Got Talent" let fly with a number of racist jokes after a Chinese contestant's performance.

death metal

Stop What You’re Doing And Watch This Little Girl Sing A Metal Song On ‘America’s Got Talent’

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A little girl in a polka dot dress sang a metal song on "America's Got Talent" last night. It was amazing.


Kenichi Ebina's Crazy Matrix-Style Dance Moves (America's Got Talent)


Kenichi Ebina shows off some Matrix-style moves during his America's Got Talent audition that blow away the crowd and the judges.


10-Year Old Singer Sebastien De La Cruz Vs. The Racist Internet. Who Ya Got?

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Note: Sebastien has responded to the hateful tweets, and we've included his response at the bottom of this post.

house of the rising sun

This 10-Year-Old Girl’s ‘House Of The Rising Sun’ Performance Proves That, Yes, America Does Got Talent

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This "America's Got Talent" performance would be impressive, even if Anna Christine was 30, not 10.


10-Year-Old Anna Christine’s Amazing ‘America’s Got Talent’ Performance


10-year-old Anna Christine blows away the audience and the judges with her voice.

nut shot

Horse From ‘America’s Got Talent’ Broke His Ribs And Pooped His Pants

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Horse, the dude from "America's Got Talent" who got hit in the nuts a lot, broke his ribs and pooped his pants while trying a stunt.

sharon osbourne

Dogs Won 'America's Got Talent,' Too

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For those of you keeping score at home, this means that the reigning champion of both 'America's Got Talent' AND 'Britain's Got Talent' is some kind of dancing/gymnastic dog act. This sort of thing has my complete and total support.


Howard Stern Does Not Much Care For Jay Leno, Called Him A 'Backstabbing C-mbag'

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Howard Stern slammed Jay Leno for trying to look like a good guy after reducing his salary after NBC reduced the Tonight Show's budget.


'Air Sex Expert' Manages To Do Something Even Howard Stern Found 'Highly Offensive'

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Before this week, I've never made even the slightest effort to watch America's Got Talent, though I was tempted briefly when it was announced that Howard Stern would be a judge on the show.


What's On Tonight: Bash's Mom Wants to Sex You Up

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Franklin & Bash (TNT) - Tonight's episode features Jane Seymour as Bash's mom, basically reprising her ravenous older woman role from Wedding Crashers and hitting on every non-Zack Morris male on the show.


What's On Tonight: Double Doses and Season Finales

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Image via Cougar Town (ABC) - Tonight's back-to-back episodes feature a sexy contest between Ellie and Laurie, and Little Stan getting his hands on Big Carl.


What the Hell Happened to Howard Stern?

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I haven't listened to much of Howard Stern since his move to satellite radio many years ago.

#emma stone

Spider-Man Just Can't Keep His Mask On During Four Minutes Of ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’

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The four minute "super preview" (whatever that means) of Marc Webb's The Amazing Spider-Man aired on last night's America’s Got Talent.

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