The 30 Day Song Challenge

The 30 Day Song Challenge: Day 10 – A Song That Makes You Fall Asleep

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<a href=""> I’ve never been able to fall straight asleep at night. For that reason, the radio has always been a constant companion to my tosses, turns and countless pillow fluffs. Many nights have been spent drifting off to the sounds of the local "Quiet Storm"programming block, until somewhere around 2001 or 2002 when Clear Channel’s ten song playlist could be heard around the clock and I was left to my own devices in finding a suitable replacement. After sifting through my very limited collection of R&B albums, I settled on Amerie’s debut album All I Have. Aside from being very easy on the eyes, Amerie is able to convey a good range of emotion despite not having the strongest voice in the game. Couple that with Rich Harrison’s handcrafted melodies and the duo was hard to beat. Amerie’s feathery alto floating above the lullaby chords and chimes, “I Just Died” always seemed to be the last song I remembered hearing before getting up in the morning. And who doesn't want to wake up to Amerie? Amerie - "I Just Died" Previously: <a href="">Day 9 – A Song That You Can Dance To</a>.


9.7 The Cooler

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Video: Amerie Performs “Heard ‘Em All” On Jimmy Kimmel Live

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I was up late working last night & <a href="">Amerie</a> popped up to perform on Jimmy Kimmel.


11.5 The Cooler

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CoCo Redd, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang My Five Favorite Things About Sesame Street <a href="">[WWTD]</a> 8 Racist Ads You Won't Believe Are From the Last Few Years <a href="">[Cracked]</a> WTF.

Rick Ross

Amerie Feat. Nas, Jadakiss, Rick Ross & Cain – “Why R You” Remix

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Amerie's always easy on the eyes, but how the hell did Rawse get into the mix of this one.

Why R U?

Amerie – “Why R U?” Video

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TC & I argue from time to time as to whether I'm a fan of Amerie or her music.


Amerie – “Why R U?”

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Words By Darius Sinclair™ When the names of Hip-Hop Soul songstresses are dropped, Amerie often goes unmentioned.

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