A Weekend Of Sports At Austin’s Fun Fun Fun Fest 2012

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Austin, Texas, has 8-10 festivals every weekend, but this weekend was a big one: the 7th annual Fun Fun Fun Fest, featuring a reunited Run DMC, everyone from Public Image Ltd to X to f**king Kreayshawn and a cannon that shoots tacos.


The Air Sex Championships Returned To Austin And Oh God, They Let Me Judge Again

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As an extremely, extremely low-level celebrity in the Austin, Texas, area, I've gotten to participate in a lot of cool things.


With Spandex Episode 4: Veda Scott

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This week's With Spandex guest is Veda Scott, a talented young wrestler who you may've seen <a href="http://www.rohwrestling.com/wrestlers/roster/veda-scott" target="_blank">interviewing stars backstage at Ring Of Honor</a>, <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YsAdxcHHr44" target="_blank">hyping upcoming events from the CHIKARA offices</a> or competing in the ring everywhere from Beyond Wrestling in the Northeast to Absolute Intense Wrestling in the Midwest.


Air Sex World Championship Preliminaries Happened Last Night In Austin

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There are two major perks to living in Austin, Texas, and I'll let you decide which one is better: 1.


With Spandex Episode 1: Rachel Summerlyn

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After something like four months of vague promising, I'm happy to present to you episode one of With Leather's brand new pro wrestling podcast, the appropriately named "With Spandex".

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Links: Merry The Day After Christmas

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As a kid who grew up fearing the pink aisle because of what it said about me, I'm happy kids like this are starting to exist.


Putting A Face To A Namedrop: Anarchy Championship Wrestling By The Daily Texan

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Part of my job as the author of the <a href="http://withleather.uproxx.com/tag/best-and-worst-of-raw">Best And Worst Of WWE Raw</a> column is finding things to love about pro wrestling, and I've started namedropping <a href="http://withleather.uproxx.com/tag/anarchy-championship-wrestling">Anarchy Championship Wrestling</a> so much I had to give them their own tag.


The Best And Worst Of WWE Raw 11/14: Raw Gets Rocked

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Pre-show notes: - If you love The Rock and think he's the best wrestler of all time, be sure to leave us a comment.

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Morning Links: Wizard World Austin, Gina Carano’s Womb, More

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This is what happens when you get excited about meeting a Power Ranger.


Morning Links: Now Only 90% About Wrestling


Links ACW: Beyond Good & Evil 2011 - You really want to see Rachel Summerlyn dressed as Buffy the Vampire Slayer.


The Best And Worst Of WWE Vengeance 2011

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It's like somebody photoshopped out Brock Lesnar.


The Morning Links Where I Try To Get Tickets


Links Fun Fun Fun Fest In Austin - I'm going to miss out on Public Enemy, Childish Gambino AND Anarchy Championship Wrestling because as a local I didn't spend 200 dollars on tickets 8 months ago.

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Morning Links, How Do They Work?


Links ‘There is No Bigatory in Juggaloism’: Pictures & Quotes from American Juggalo - Juggalos should be a reminder to white people that they should 1) not smoke, 2) lead a healthy lifestyle, 3) not take advantage of poor women with no self-esteem.

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I’m Writing Morning Links Where I Make Out With Aubrey Plaza

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Links Aubrey Plaza Is a Sexy Stroke Victim - The woman who plays April Ludgate had a stroke when she was 20.

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Morning Links: Branching Out

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Sports Vegetarian Pig Slop and Heat Wave Rasslin: ACW's Distrust, Dismay and Antisocial Behavior '11 Review - I spent my Sunday night watching the best independent wrestling in Texas, and if you hop over to TH's wrestling blog ("The Wrestling Blog") you can read a bit about it.


Morning Links: Characters Welcome

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Trust me, I wanted to use that screen cap of her and McNulty from "The Wire", but there are certain things I'm not allowed to do on this website.


Morning Links: Gay People are Not Allowed to Wear This T-Shirt


Sports Cop: The 1990-1991 Golden State Warriors T-Shirt - I mention it fairly frequently, but Tim Hardaway was my favorite basketball player when I was younger, so it's going to take me another ten years or so to come to terms with his real life personality.

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