Anderson Cooper Revealed A Sexual Secret About Andy Cohen On ‘Watch What Happens Live’

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This is probably a private thing that Andy Cohen didn't want thousands of people to know about!


Watch Anderson Cooper Giggle While Explaining That ‘Vaginas…Really Aren’t In My Wheelhouse’

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Anderson Cooper is no expert on vaginas, but he knows not to go in feet first.


Watch Anderson Cooper Attempt To Go Through His Day Using A Schizophrenia Simulator

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Anderson Cooper attempted to go through a normal day while hearing voices. It was soul-crushing.

Big Mac

Anderson Cooper Ate The Loneliest, Most Pathetic Meal For His Birthday


Anderson Cooper thought he'd treat himself on his birthday by stopping by a truck stop McDonald's.


Conan Finds Out Just How Far Donald Sterling Will Go To Prove He’s Not A Racist.


Conan must've gotten his hands on more behind the scenes footage or something. Either way, we need the decorator's phone number.


Donald Sterling Says Magic Johnson Is Bad Because AIDS

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Donald Sterling apologizes, but he damn sure isn't apologizing to Magic Johnson.


Donald Sterling Is ‘So Sorry And Apologetic’ For His ‘Stupid, Uneducated’ Words

By | 21 Comments

In his exclusive interview with Anderson Cooper on CNN, Clippers owner Donald Sterling cried and apologized for the things that he said.


Donald Sterling ‘Apologizes’ In Interview With Anderson Cooper, Heaves Another Insult At Magic Johnson

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Donald Sterling was sure to get "I'm sorry" and "I'm not a racist" on record, but not without wandering off the PC/PR trail.

KABOOM: Anderson Cooper Roasted An Anti-Gay Sportscaster On Twitter Last Night

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Last night an anti-gay sportscaster came at Anderson Cooper on Twitter. That was a mistake.

cable news

Howard Stern's Interview With Anderson Cooper Is A Must-Listen For All Fans Of The Silver Fox

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Anderson Cooper is a bit of a mystery in that he hasn't done many in-depth interviews. But that all changed yesterday after he spent an hour with Howard Stern.


Did You Catch The Stoned CNN Reporter Doing A Colorado Legalization Report For Anderson Cooper?

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A CNN reporter went live from Colorado after spending a day taking a limo tour of local dispensaries. There may have been a contact high.


Please Allow Anderson Cooper To Tell You All About His Mom's Love For Oral Sex

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Last night Rob Ford came up in a discussion on Anderson Cooper's show, which naturally led to AC talking about his mom's love for cunnilingus.

awkward interviews

Stop Everything And Watch Anderson Cooper Completely Destroy The Psychologist Behind ‘Affluenza’

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Anderson Cooper interviewed the doctor behind 'affluenza' and things got awkward pretty quickly.

Alec Baldwin And Anderson Cooper Got Into A Twitter Feud Last Night. Maybe.

By | 26 Comments

An account connected to Alec Baldwin is lashing out at the CNN reporter over his response to Baldwin's recent paparazzi scuffle.


Anderson Cooper loves Miss USA’s sweet Transformers costume

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This week saw the annual Miss Universe "costume parade," in which women from all over the world walked the runway in costumes meant to celebrate the pride and distinctive values of their home nations, preferably while making their tits look good.

Alex Castellanos

A GOP Consultant Talking About ‘Bunny Sex’ Leads Anderson Cooper To Ask: ‘Are You High?’

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Republican strategist Alex Castellanos explained to Anderson Cooper what Ted Cruz is doing: he's having "bunny sex."


Watch Anderson Cooper Take A GOP Congressman To School: ‘You’re Not On Fox News’

By | 134 Comments

Anderson Cooper gave Rep. Raul Labrador a civics lesson and a lecture on journalism last night. It was glorious.


Anderson Cooper Didn’t Get The Whole Thing With Jesse And The Ricin On Sunday’s ‘Breaking Bad’

By | 36 Comments

Were you confused by Jesse's freakout over ricin on Sunday's Breaking Bad? Well you're not alone -- Anderson Cooper was as well.


Zimmerman Juror B37 To Anderson Cooper: ‘His Heart Was In The Right Place…He’s Learned A Good Lesson’

By | 148 Comments

For those of you wondering what the jurors who acquitted George Zimmerman were thinking over the weekend, Anderson Cooper provided some insight tonight.

Cryptic Murmurs

A Metal Band Made A Nice Song About Anderson Cooper

By | 3 Comments

You know you've made it when metal bands are penning tributes to you. Congrats to Anderson Cooper!

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