Anderson Cooper Took Time Out From Dodging Bombs In Gaza Last Night To Eviscerate Some Twitter Trolls

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Reporting while dodging bombs would probably be too much of a task for a normal human being for them to have the time or inclination to flame wingnut Twitter trolls on the side -- but Anderson Cooper is no normal human being.


Anderson Cooper Almost Got Exploded Live On CNN Last Night

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Things are getting crazy again between the Israelis and the Palestinians, which means that CNN has dispatched Anderson Cooper to Gaza, the epicenter of the conflict.


‘Anderson’ Canceled. Now Who Will Condescend Famewhores?

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Star Jones can finally come out of the hidey-hole that Anderson Cooper berated her into.


Unmasked Reddit Troll King To CNN: ‘Apparently I Have A Gift For Pushing Buttons’

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Michael Brutsch, aka Reddit troll king "Violentacrez," sat down for an interview with CNN that aired on Anderson Cooper's show last night. It was kind of fascinating.

Anderson Cooper Destroyed Star Jones Today And It Was Delicious

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Star Jones had claimed that Anderson Cooper came out of the closet for ratings, so Cooper went on his morning show today and tore her to shreds.

Anderson Cooper Comes Out Of The Closet: 'The Fact Is, I'm Gay'

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For years one of the worst kept secrets -- if you ever want to call it that -- in media has been that Anderson Cooper is gay.


Anderson Cooper Tells a Horrible Woman That She's a Horrible Woman

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If you're not up to speed on your meaningless daytime television, there's a British woman by the name of Sarah Burge who is known as the Human Barbie.


RIP Meow, The 39-Pound Cat


Heaven just got a little bit heavier.


Give Anderson Cooper All Of The Fat Cats

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When we first brought you news of <a href="">Meow, the ridiculously fat cat</a>, he weighed 39 pounds, the equivalent of a 600-pound human.

the colbert report

Stephen Colbert Declares Phallic War On Anderson Cooper


After Anderson Cooper jokingly took Colbert to task recently for "stealing" a story he did weeks ago about a Denver area man who sees hidden penises in the artwork at the Denver Airport, Colbert fired back with a hilarious rant at Cooper, whose homosexuality is sort of an open secret at this point.


“Wahlburgers” is now open for business. (And could soon be a reality show).

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Having to sit on the sidelines while Burnsy wrote up that <a href="" target="_blank">last story</a> about Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, and Whitey Bulger gave me a serious case of Boston-vernacular blue balls.


Anderson Cooper Might Be in Trouble

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From <a href="">tanning with Snooki</a> to <a href="">bravely tasting spinach</a>, we've already seen that Anderson Cooper's daytime persona is a letdown from the journalist we all fell in love with.

jimmy kimmel live

Anderson Cooper Is a Brave Widdle Boy

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Anderson Cooper may be a sexy intrepid reporter poised to become the gay white Oprah, but he's not without quirks: he doesn't drink hot beverages or eat green vegetables.



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Anderson Cooper is a well-respected journalist who has reported from dangerous places like Iraq, Afghanistan, New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina, and Haiti in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake.

airplane cabin pissing

Anderson Cooper Enjoys Potty Humor Just Like The Rest Of Us


As <a href="">you may have heard</a>, French actor Gerard Depardieu reportedly dropped hit pants and drunkenly <a href="">pissed all over the cabin of a commercial airplane</a> Tuesday night when told by flight attendants that he couldn't get into one of the plane's bathrooms.


GQ Gets Larry King To Play ‘F*ck, Marry, Kill’


Last week I mentioned how GQ seems to be making a concerted effort make itself more appealing to the people of the internet.


New Rebecca Black Single Dropping Soon. You’ve Been Warned.


In the event you've been wondering when human meme Rebecca Black and <a href="">her management team,</a> led by <a href="">Business Cat</a> (Or so it seems), would be unleashing a new single upon the world, wonder no more -- the improbable viral star is dropping another tune in a matter of days.


Week In Review: Can You Feel Him Now? The Verizon Guy Speaks Out


It's hard to imagine being the face of something, whether a corporation, professional sports franchise, an entire genre of music, or even a country's government.


Egypt Overthrows Anderson Cooper

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The revolution currently going on in Egypt may end up being one of the most important cultural and sociopolitical events of our lifetime, but you aren't going to get the "normal Joe SixPack Americans" to care until Egyptians start beating up our celebrities.

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